Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Overheard conversations - Its only rock and roll

Sitting in some cafe on Sunday up in London alone on lunch, chewing on apple pie and slurping on coffee, I listened into the conversations around me, its clear that the election isn’t the preoccupation of everybody, although outside on the Caledonian road there is a rash of “Lib Dem Winning here” posters and briefly a rather cute crayoned version “my mums winning here” in the same style.

I tune in on one conversation, some middle-aged bloke wittering on about where are today's rock giants and note that the younger companions meet this thought with apathy.

Still this thought sort of resonates with me, although I generally listen to a bit of everything, I always come back to the Stones, Kinks, the Who.

My perception is clouded by age and changing priorities and of coarse there are no definitive answers, as to who’s best, greatest and in 30 years time some 50 year old will no doubt making similar statements about musicians of today who have not been topped.

Still much of yesterday I spent listening to the Who and came up with this thought are there any characters as remarkable as say Keith Moon the Who’s drummer until his death in 1978, I looked up his Wikipedia entry and have to say its one of the more entertain biographies, how many of todays rock stars would feel the need to return to a hotel room because they forgot to throw the TV out the window or blow up the toilet.

Anyhow I’ve a few days off, so I’ll post a bit more. My contact with this current election has been superficial, I’ve caught the Leadership debate, Cameron appearing smarmy (in my view) with meaningless vote for change claptrap, similarly the wretched (my view) Mandelson, and the joy of his presentation being interrupted by a car crash with the likes of Brown, Harman & Darling no doubt thinking can there campaign get any worse lets hope so.

Gordon Brown was a treat showing exactly how they (Labour) think of us proles, and well done to the Lady involved in bigot gate for not playing the game and endorsing Brown himself who seems to me bigoted and not afraid to manipulate the immigration question himself as in the last Leadership debate.

I will vote Liberal, because they are the only party that believe in equality and fairness.


  1. Oasis- Liam Gallagher.

  2. Oasis in the same breath as the Kinks and the Who? There's no accounting for tastes, so I'll add mine: ACDC!Isn't it odd how un-PC it is to be 'liberal' these days...

  3. The spirit of the Rock Gods lives on in TDC Tory cllrs.

  4. Have you noticed how some politicans have been hiden away recently as they frighten the voters. I mean "lord" Carter, but George Osbourne is not on the box a lot and Alister Darling seems to be replaced by lord Mandkeon on financial affairs. So who will be the next chancellor?

  5. I noticed that Captain Sensible is still playing the rounds. How TDC need him as the leader with Happy Talk. One time member of The Dammed and Johnny Moped.

  6. Harlem shuffle along and knock knock knock on wood with Maxwells silver hammer man

    Kim the Eskimo will be there and Simple Simon (oh oh)

  7. Crikey,his blue jeans are so tight,think it's erection never mind election..!