Friday, May 07, 2010

On his own and cluching at Straws

Gordon Brown a makes dramatic entrance, outside No. 10 earlier at 1:40 this afternoon, acting in a Prime Ministerly fashion as you will imagine totally selflessly with a brief mention of his sudden conversion, over proportional representation. In no way is Brown clutching a straws and desparate.cluching at straws

A rather shabby performance when measured, against Nick Clegg’s more statesman like reiteration of his intention of respecting the morality of dealing, as a preference with the Party with the most MP’s and votes.


  1. .... and the person with the most votes will not even discuss PR!

    Guess clegg will have to get into bed with the devil.

  2. If ever there was an example of a bunker mentality, that would be it. Literaly, comes out of his shell for a few minutes, does his little spiel then back into his hidey hole.

    If he had any sense he'd have gone to the Queen already...

  3. Even the Tory media agree that the Prime Minister has played this entirely correctly. Cameron has not won the election. The constitution allows the PM to have first crack at forming a Government. Rather, he has helpfully said that Cameron should have first crack with Clegg - recognising that a Labour/LD coalition would also not have a majority. If Cameron and Clegg fail, THEN the PM will have a shot.

    What is grubby is Cameron trying to present his desire to get in to Number 10 as behaviour "in the national interest". Like ALL the other Parties and politicians, he is driven by self-interest and glory; the national interest is secondary.