Monday, May 24, 2010

More power to KCC could harm Margate regeneration

This new world of political realism may not be all good, clearly the note left by one departing minister making a swift exit from government shows the depth of the continuing crisis which went something like "the moneys all been ****ed up the wall, enjoy !"

Apparently one of the new governments ideas is to give more power down to local authorities like our very own Kent council, and if the Kent on Sundays report is anything to go by Paul Carter KCC's Tory leader is looking forward to the prospect.

One method by which KCC will gain more power will be the winding up of organisations like the South East Development Agency and this is where it might effect us in Margate.

Kent council over the years has done little to benefit East Kent, preferring to spend most of it's money in and around Maidstone, much of the regeneration money coming from SEDA and I for one get the impression that our "County Tories" feel that they are doing us a favour when they spend our money in Thanet.

Maybe Paul Carters Tories will have been inspired by efforts of David Cameron and given up on the harebrained schemes of recent years, and maybe not.

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  1. People who voted Tory expected SEEDA to be wound-up or scaled down.

    SEEDA's big spends in Thanet:

    £5.7 millions on Eurokent, £6 millions on the M&S temporary Turner and £4 millions towards the real Turner.

    The Dreamland Trust were also expecting cash from SEEDA.

    Get you local MP to write to Vince before he gives SEEDA the chop and saves other development agencies in England.