Thursday, May 06, 2010

When Blogging gets ugly

I suggest those of a nervous disposition turn away now. It seems that fellow blogger ECR is only too happy to take the occasional side swipe, has now responded to comments I placed on his site, in following manner, after removing them.whenblogginturnsuglyagain No threat implied I take it. Does he mean me?

I have emailed the great man and made it clear that in future when he makes derogatory comments using my name I will respond in an equally courteous manner.

ECR sideswipe


  1. Seems to me that you started the insults.

  2. Mr Flaig, you are becoming - if you have not already reached the point - a laughing stock. If you are now making your membership of, and support for, the Liberal Democrat Party a public matter - and good luck to you - then reflect on the damage you will do to others rather than just yourself - as has been the case up to now - by your ill-advised comments and interventions. No-one is threatening you - you know that full well - so stop behaving like a child and recognise that someone as self-opinionated as you will inevitably attract criticism.

  3. 10 26 do read the email i sent

    10: 29 if I'm not mistaken you are the same Labour functionary who followed Gordon Browns lead of playing the immigration card to side step Labours abandonment of working people.

    Also please understand that although I support the Lib dems I do not speak for them, a difficult concept I know for a Labour hack like yourself to understand.

    any how to save this conversation desending any further I will restrict comments to those who are logged in as it were