Saturday, May 08, 2010

Something for the weekend – Good Food

Its not often I go out to eat and when I do as a rule, I confine myself to pubs and to be honest most offer reasonably fare but standardised quality, however having the time to enjoy a meal, when Mrs Me suggested mundane pub grub, I balked.

Being out of the habit of dinning out, I suggested that we headed toward Ramsgate, after drifting up from the Harbour, we then drifted back and up the hill, settling on the Bon Appetit.

I have to say that the food was superb, at the Bon Appetit and the service efficient, unobtrusive and welcoming, the ever present “is everything OK” type question, was for once genuine, timely and welcome (not something I ever thought I’d say) and the answer an effusive “excellent”.

Ramsgate’s future as a leisure destination is certainly enhanced by eateries like this, Ramsgate is establishing itself as a desirable destination, and with the faster train connections underpinning Ramsgate's growing popularity, hopefully this trend will be maintained.smugblogger

Still as I pondered the Harbour view I also thought about the report in the Isle of Thanet Gazette, suggesting the Harbour is about to be enhanced (with a sort of latter-day Crystal Palace type construction) more on this sometime later (still it seems that the council have already shmoozed a few local worthies), anyway enjoy the view before TDC flog off the Harbour, in order to fix something which isn’t broken Sandy’s last great initiative maybe.


  1. Yes, Bon Appetit is truly excellent. Thai Style a bit further down is also a favourite.

  2. The quality of the Ramsgate eateries never fails to amaze me, the competition means that there are very few that don’t cut the mustard.

  3. Well we were celebrating my daughter getting her Masters Degree last night and went next door to the Thai Style and saw you sitting in the window, although quite how you managed to look at the harbour with your back to it is beyond me !!

  4. What a spiteful comment.Tony may have turned round,what the hell does it matter anyway?He was just enjoying the day,no wonder none of you lot got in..

  5. Anon 10:29 I dont think any malice was intended. I viewed the comment as a tongue in cheek remark and well done Mike to your daughter.

    Any how it's nice to reflect that not everything is as bad as some would have it.

  6. Tony,
    This little terrace has been good for years, I remember eating at a place called 'The Lazy Fox' run by Sarah Parr-byrne and her mum, a great eatery!

  7. I am surprised that Tory Councillor Ken Gregory has the time to post on here. He seems to be devoted just now to pointing an accusative finger, along with chum Tory Simon Moores, at Westgate Councillor Tom King. Gregory accuses him of being a "closet Liberal". It would be so easy for both these Tory Councillors to confront Tom King personally about their apparent discovery; if they are right, he has some explaining to do. But no, despite the hypocritical comments they make about blogging standards, they just post their comments on the (now hardly-read) Thanet Life blog instead. People don't need to look far for the dirt in politics.

  8. I had to smile when I read the familiar 1:31's comments! Wishful thinking perhaps?

    Where he gets 'Hardly read' from is hard to fathom but he might me comforted by knowing that ThanetLife's status as a political weblog is steadily improving on Wikio, for what its worth!

    The little matter of the 'Red Rosette' at the Wandsworth count was raised before the WWRA meeting on Monday with Tom and the report on Thanet Life is simply beating the local paper to print.

    No quite sure where this all impacts 'Blogging standards' though. No disrespect is shown or intended to another councillor.

  9. I have praised Bon Appetit on my blog a number of times.
    I don't get out much so on those special dates I stick to some where reliable.
    I'm vegan and B.A. is, of course, French-ish. But they cater very well for meat free folk.
    Ramsgate's Surin is also excellent.

  10. Be careful what you wish for, "DrM".

    I am surprised that you are only a "steadily improving" blogger; I had always thought - from your own comments - that you were at the top of the tree already, the icing on the cake. It is re-assuring that we all recognise that we can always better ourselves.

    I'm glad that you, or someone, tackled Tom King personally; that is the right approach, in my view. Given that you obviously believe the story to be in the public interest - and I don't disagree with you - perhaps you will complete the picture by explaining what Councillor King has said, and whether this is a matter for the Standards Committee, or some other authority.

  11. I see that Councillor King has now answered your "story" , "Doctor" Moores - on Thanet Coast Life. It would seem that you and your blog still have a lot more "steady improving" to do before you attain the right levels of accuracy and decency. Good luck in your endeavours, though it may be a tough challenge.

    Perhaps now you and your lone Tory Party supporter Ken Gregory will acknowledge the explanation offered and maybe even apologise for any misinformation, insult, or - to quote the term you so often use and hurl around as a threat - defamation that your "steadily improving" blog may have delivered.

    Might be better if you were to hang up your blogging ballet shoes - again.