Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tracy how tasteful

Have to say I was pleasantly surprised, at Tracy Emin's neon creation, still this the view of a white van man, as I pulled up in the Transit for a quick gander on the way home after building railways in North London.

I didn't actually get out the van since after a days work, I don't have the time, I'm surprised to say that this actually fits quite well, and find the girly pink colour, subtlety complements Droit House.


  1. Yes i agree Tony.The neon looks lovely as night falls,and the pretty pink compliments our wondeful skies

  2. Indeed my own efforts when a child at piss art in the snow received similar approbation.

  3. I understand this neaon sign was produced out of area, its a shame that a local neon sign company did,nt even get asked to quote? Then we might have been able to see the true depth of miss Emins commitment to all things margate !