Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thought for the day - Labour didn't notice the world move on

Just a quick reflection on our new political landscape.

It seems to me that the public have moved on from swallowing wholesale lies foisted upon them by politicians and well orchestrated media campaigns particularly that of Murdoch’s journalists.

Despite most of the British press backing David Cameron, using it's influence, to persuade us that nothing else would save us but  an overwhelming conservative majority in the house of commons, its clear the public weren't buying it.

Nick Clegg took the high moral ground standing firmly on a platform of reality and consensus announcing before the election that he would be giving first dibs to the party with the largest in the event of a hung or balanced outcome.

David Cameron have Nick Clegg, have agreed what to me, is a solid deal, interestingly the nations journalist seem a tad miffed at events and seem to be sparring no effort to dig up some discord, however the reality seems that both Cameron & Clegg are making the most of what the electorate has allowed, and seem to be doing a good job.

Labour people don’t get it, be it, the state of the economy, the fact they lost, the fact that Tory and Lib Dems have combined to give us stability based on consensus. Maybe 13 years of pure arrogance, ignoring your core voters, the utter contempt for grass roots, illustrated by the leader Gordon Brown.

I suspect at the end of the day senior Labour party wallahs just don’t have the stomach to face the wreckage of New Labour preferring to snipe from the sidelines .


  1. You're trying very hard - I'll give you that - to cover over the rather foolish comments you made on Mark Nottingham's blog before polling day. Comments that have come back to bite you firmly on the rear. Sadly, you convince no-one.

  2. Tony, the problem was not 'New Labour' it was the fact that 'Old Labour' has resurfaced

  3. You are right - Labour didn't notice the world had moved on, but lucky for Thanet and Margate in particular. They poured millions into the area through various agencies when they should have stopped wasting tax payers money until the local council got its act together. TDC are still stuck in the past in thinking that a collection of old fun fair rides and an art gallery full of exhibits that have no relevance to the area will be its salvation.

    TDC better take a look at how nearby Folkstone are planning to bring the resort into the 20th century.

  4. Which was it that you were part of then, Ken, before you deserted for the Tory Party? And will you be staying in the Tory Party now that they have formed a coalition with the Lib Dems?

    Incidentally, if you preferred the Lib Dem candidate or even the Labour candidate over the Tory would you vote for them as you said you voted for Gale when you were an elected Labour councillor?

  5. Sorry to have to address you as anonymous, but I would vote for the candidate who I judged to be the best MP for me, and thanet. I trust the Tories to field that person. If they failed to do so I would vote accordingly. Tribal voting is for idiots.

    And why should the Tory/lib dem pact make me want to change parties? I happen to feel that my party has made a good call and got rid of Brown, and acted in the best interest of the country. to quote 'There is no more money.........Good luck'

  6. Have to agree with Ken's last comment.

    The conservatives and lib dems have acted with some dignity and selflessness, quite alien to labour self serving attitude.

  7. Hmmm, dignity... odd that so many Lib Dem voters have switched allegiance to Labour since the Election. Odd that the Lib Dems have settled for just a referendum on AV, nothing on PR that was their absolute demand. Oh of course, there are those cabinet seats and ministerial posts for the chosen (not quite so) few. Yes, dignity indeed. The hairs on the back of your neck must be bristling with pride.

  8. Oh and Ken, don't call people who genuinely subscribe to a political ideology - right or left - "idiots". They are entitled to their views, and you earn no brownie points by being insulting. I realise you change with the wind, and that is your right, but it is not right for everyone.

  9. anon 7 40 Odd that some Labour supporter so sure of the divine right of Labour cannot, man up enough to, proclaim their faith, and hides behind anonymity.

    As we know the Labour party in Thanet is more about appearance than substance, more photo opportunity than issues.

    On Monday, it emerged that Liam Byrne, Mr Laws' predecessor, had left him a one-sentence letter, saying: "I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left."

    Time for Labour to get a reality check, youv've left the country in a mess, as you know.

  10. As I - and others - have said to you before, Mr Flaig, if you don't like comments posted anonymously, block them. There are many reasons why people post anonymously, but if you wish to adopt some moral high-ground because you don't, fine.

    Your high-ground can't extend to your politics of course, where you are now at one with the Party you have long professed to oppose - the Tory Party. Just spare a thought...could it be that it serves the interest of the fragile Government you have enabled to try to safeguard their position by over-egging the "what we've been left" message? Perhaps they are keen to lower public expectations over what is likely to be a very low-achieving administration?

  11. Hi 01:12 your pomposity seems limitless, what exactly is your problem. I realise that Labour in these parts are weak and feeblle possibly illustrated by well turned out but vacant local leadership.

    I've no objection to anonymous comments but when there apparently coming from local labour activists it is a tad irritating.

    Anonmous comments are always welcome, except when used by cretins such as, may I suggest yourself.

    Anyway I hope you continue to enjoy bignews margate as much as you clearly do.

    PS I hope that for all our sakes that one day you will be able to comment on Labour without hiding your identity

  12. I'm sorry that you feel the need to be offensive, Mr Flaig. Clearly your Party's alignment with the Tories is influencing you, as you are behaving in the same way as the local right-wingers do - if all else fails, mouth off. You'll be questioning the mental, social, or employment status of those who challenge you next.

    For the record, I am not a Labour activist. I have no connection with the Party - or any other - apart from casting my vote for them in elections. Quite why anonymous contributions are ok unless they come from Labour supporters, I am afraid defeats me.

    I am sorry to spoil your rants with facts.

  13. There was me thinking that Liam Byrne's letter was a joke! Clearly the cons and libdems don't get it.

  14. anon 3:37 Have it your way sonny, of course your not some Labour activist. Of course many rational people argue strongly some purile point in support of a bankrupt political institution.

    Anyway the suns been shining and for once I'm at home early enough to enjoy a drink.

    Wed May 19, 08:20:00 PM

  15. No, Mr Flaig, I am NOT a political activist, and your sarcasm doesn't change facts. I realise that you don't like facts because they so often get in the way of your blinkered views and your wish simply to mouth off.

    A challenge to you, your views, the creation of the new coalition government, and its (early) decisions and actions is NOT a defence of the Labour Party and its time in government. What you are saying is that anyone left-leaning is not allowed to criticise or challenge you because of your views about Labour. I really would suggest you look at your Lib Dem membership details to see how far away you are from the Party's values and principles, at least the values and principles they subscribed to before last week.

    I hope you enjoyed your drink, "Daddy".

  16. Hmm, beary Tony as the daddy. now there's a thought....