Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I no wot I mean

As regulars will appreciate, errors are not uncommon here on the pages of Bignews Margate, not factually or in argument but English and all that malarkey, and some will notice that postings are altered as I reread minutes, hours and days later.

Still it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone, nice little story on the Mail online site today " Must try arder! ..." which relies on a school report sent by a teacher to parents, littered with spelling and grammatical errors.

Anyhow I try my best, read and reread this stuff and then some time down the line, I cringe as I find errors which range in severity from a "Damn!" (a missing comma), "Blast!" (wrong word used) or "F*** me!" ( gobbledegook, libel, or cocked up title), I'm sure one day I shall create a masterpiece,  maybe its my schooling, that's at fault, although I 'm fairly sure I learnt next to nothing at Charles Dickens in Broadstairs, so I can't blame them and anyhow that was nearly forty years ago.

I feel sorry for the teacher in this case, clearly under pressure to write dozens of reports which aren't  entirely blunt or honest about students for fear of offending parents, it's a while since I've been a recipient of one of those documents but did notice in the last few, that teachers were writing bliming essays, so who could blame a teacher forgetting to hit the spell checker.

Hopefully the teacher concerned, at Gleed Girl's Technology College will in future "concentrate more". And for readers please put away your red pens and superior grammar.


  1. "I no wot I mean " sounds like a Slade single.

  2. Know what you mean Tony, I missed most of primary school due to disablement and until the spellchecker came along didn’t write anything much at all, some of it remains blind spots even now I have trouble with whether, wether and weather.

    Whether being particularly difficult as it doesn’t have any synonym in word.

    I think punctuation will always remain a bit of a mystery though, I chuck in the odd comma, but who knows if they are in the right places.

    Always as well to remember that spelling is only a fad that’s been around for just over 300 years and seems to be going away again.

  3. Surely speech and spelling are inter-related and there is a growing tendency to spell as pronounced. One would have hoped for better from the teaching profession but then, what has not been dumbed down to some extent these days.

    With role models like Cheryl Cole and Wayne Rooney, not to mention his articulately challenged other half, there is little hope for our language, written or spoken. Mind you, with only the English facing tuition fees, soon we will all be speaking with Welsh or Scottish accents anyway.

  4. Processed food, anyone?

  5. Its not the mis-spelling of words that worries me but the complete lack of transparent services being provided.

    How's the caressing project & bio-metric fingerprinting of our children in schools without parental consent coming along Chris ?

  6. anon 9pm

    no answer from Chris Wells ?
    one would expect him to know all about these subjects having held cabinet positions linked to children