Friday, December 31, 2010

Honours - Britain's Feudal system alive and well

A sore point for me twice a year, Britain's appalling honours system in which a few deserving recipient's get the recognition they deserve, lost in a fog of those, who receive awards for either looking after our political masters, having great wealth and bunging a few quid to charity, or those employed by the public sector at senior level who get rewarded for just doing a job.

Myself I'd like to see awards for all, particularly those of us who have spent a lifetime in the private sector, supporting the wealth creating part of the economy, enabling the bankers to get richer and the public sector generous pay and benefits.

In fact back in 2006 I awarded myself with the GBE (Grafter for the British Empire) so this is a regular gripe I'm afraid but it will continue whilst Chief Executives of local councils get awards for things like services to local government as is the case in neighbouring Canterbury City Council and I don't doubt the recipient has done an excellent job but doesn't he get paid to do a good job?

Anyway no doubt your asking, what has Tony Flaig "GBE " has ever done, well not a lot but readers keep coming back for more and I'm conceited enough to think that I made a major contribution to saving Kent taxpayers around a £600,000 on KCC's Kent TV project, cancelled this year and no doubt KCC Tory council leader Paul Carter will be recommending me for a gong in next years Queens Birthday honours for services to funders of local government.

I can see it now "arise Sir Flaigy of Bignews Margate" well maybe not, anyhow any suggestions of those who deserve but probably won't receive honours do please comment.


  1. When we heard the awards on this mornings radio the wife and I had a debate as to which one is better etc and which order do they go. I knew a guy who got one once for his charity work but he must be dead now. Me thinks you would like an MBE maybe I need one too. DON and Tony MOANERS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE

  2. As a Liberal Democrat, you could be a DBE - Deceiver (rather than Dame) of the British Empire.

  3. Hey Tony, I do love how whenever somebody says something dodgy to you, you always respond to them accusing them of being Labour. Are you really that delusional?

  4. No just realistic my labour friend in denial, now please move along and happy new year

  5. I wonder if Bluenote will rush along to condemn your silly name-calling, Mr Flaig? Oh no, of course not, it is only 'silly name-calling' when it comes from a Labour pen. Hypocrisy and double-standards win every time.

  6. 7 49 come off it, your enthusiasm is appreciated but even an eager whipper snapper labour supporter needs to get a life and loitering on blog sites is no way to spend new years day

  7. But you're here, Big Tone. And I think we both have lives.

  8. 7:49 Whilst having a mellow, chill out time over the holidays I heard your call. Frankly I could not care less what you or Tony call each other, or even me for that matter. My objection is when silly names are employed by political parties as a substitute for meaningful polices.

    As to the subject under discussion, well I, like many people I guess, have no problems with an honours system that recognises true achievement but wonder about the titles bestowed by all political parties on their donors, cronies and former ministers. Never been very comfortable with Sir Rich Bestaard, for services to right wing politics or Lord Ted of the Boiler Makers for services to the trade union movement but, my discomfort is not going to change anything.

    You have a good 2011 whoever you are and lighten up over being labled Labour. I get called a Tory all the time although there is much in Conservative policy I disagree with. Such is life.

  9. These honours are just a posh version of becoming a 'made guy' in the mafia.

    I wonder how many deserving cases refused the honour? Now that would make an interesting list.

    Happy new year Tony.

  10. We have been conditioned to fear, to accept and respect our slavery through social engineering. a bombardment of useless distractions and mass mind control. What are they trying to distract us from?

    Realise that they don't care about us. They are aware of the pain, suffering, misery and horror that their lust for power has caused. Every living thing on this planet has a right to live here in freedom.

    GET RID OF THE LOT OF THEM all power hungry spongers the people who deserve recognise dont crave it and probably wouldnt except one if you paid them.

  11. In your case anon it appears it worked ? If you are not fearful why not identify yourself.

  12. Strange malarkey honours.

    Leonard Cheshire. Given a VC even though it was by then known he had betrayed every bomber stream he led (Radiating IFF, against standing orders, which the Luftwaffe were tracking to home on the bomber streams)

    His VC not for any individual act of valour but for the number of missions he had flown.

    Strange then that Kenneth Wolstenholme (the footie commentator, who flew more missions than Cheshire, never got a VC ?

    And when Leonard Cheshire got into the charity scam. He got the awards but what about the dying man who set it up with him ?

    There he was back in WW2 with a new VC (On his way to membership of House of Lords and Order of Merit) and he is seconded to the Manhattan Project.

    Oddly enough Sir Charles Hambro (of the banking dynasty)ex head of SOE was already over USA on the nuclear mission acquiring materials for the science.

    Postwar Hambros Bank funded a penniless MI5 interpreter to buy out Butterworth Technical and their contract to collate the technical records of the Nazi nuclear programme.

    This was ole Capn Bobby ... Robert Maxwell.

    Leonard Cheshire (cast postwar as a living saint and fresh from his nuclear secondment) made a powerful voice in press advocating the independent British nuclear deterrent.

    Meanwhile ex SOE girls like Sue Ryder postwar (herself later a member of House of Lords) were smuggling useful Nazis (like engineers and scientists) to the UK guised as refugees. (Allegedly)

    The Sue Ryder charity began in postwar Germany with a grant from the German govt with which she ran an accommodation enclave for "Refugees".

    No doubt Lord Halifax (Nazi appeaser) was in full altruistic mode when his stately pile Hickleton Hall became a Sue Ryder Home.

    And whilst the charity has a four million pounds per year PR budget this is the care standard the public purse pays for in benefits of £1400 pw per inmate

    We better keep schtum tho because shortly Ryder and Cheshire will be up for the ultimate honours list. Catholic saints (for services to the Vatican Ratlines for escaping Nazi war criminals ?)

    We don't need another hero .....

  13. Bluenote, I am glad you had a "chilled out" festive season. Your hypocrisy, double standards and pretence of even-handedness have made me smile even if few of the comedy programmes on television did.

  14. Well, 7:26, glad to have lightened your darkness. Don't really see much hypocrisy in my earlier posting but, if that is how it comes over to you, so be it. I only join in for fun, not any cause or purpose.

  15. I wish "Come Fly With Me" had been as good. The hype suggested it would be far better than it turned out to be - in my opinion.

  16. Agree with the 'Come Fly With Me' critical assessment. Absolute load of rubbish!

  17. Retired

    how many were involved with operation paperclip ?