Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tesco are they trying to deter shoppers with Christmas cheer

I suspect I might well be one of Tesco's typical "Metro" shoppers, most week nights I end up foraging for food, I go to Tesco for two reasons its product quality and efficient tills, and none of that doing you a favour attitude you get in some. I just want to get in, out and fed.

Music however has never really been part of the experience, nor has Christmas, so shopping was doubly irritating tonight when my local Tesco had one of my least favourite seasonal tunes, which skipped as it played, Elton John singing "Step into Christmas", which apart from slinging the word "Christmas" into the lyrics is about as festive as a price increase.

It set me thinking, many songs, played endlessly at this time of year are just cynical attempts to make money and here's a list of those I feel fit the bill. In no particular order of merit, Clift Richards - Mistletoe and Whine, Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas  profits, Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime bonus............



  1. I prefer the alternative lyrics to "Step Into Christmas" by a band called The Business.
    "All These stupid Christmas songs
    I gotta have another beer
    TV Adverts, greetings cards
    Its just another rip off year"

    Nuff said

  2. Why, oh why, do stores think we want this horrid 'Muzak' when we go shopping?

  3. "Let them know its Christmas time" has to take the dirge of all time award but you are so right about commercialism. The annual race for the Christmas No 1 and who can even remember most of them, unless plugged by the supermarkets.

    Guess we must be the idiots for putting up with this annual assault on the ear drums.

  4. You Cynical sausage Tony I am pleased you have learnt all my lessons on Cynissm THHE best christmas song has to be Pogues Fairytale of new york city

  5. Yes Don I plead guilty to being cynical and have to agree on a fairy tale of New York, it always fills me a sense of honesty and nostalgia although slade's merry Christmas is more joyful