Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mr Puss disappears in snow –Feared eaten by foxes

Mr Puss, Bignews Margate's very own, fat cat, has disappeared last seen at breakfast this morning, its understood that he has a lot on his mind at the moment and fears are growing for his safety, given the adverse weather conditions.
mr puss in kitchenTimes are tough for all fat cats (even in the private sector), and questions have been raised about Mr Puss's mental state, lately he's seen big cuts in his private health insurance and luxury items like Tuna and despite reassurances, of a minimum income of two bowls of GoCat complete a day (with on demand top ups), it's understood the Puss may have slipped into a deep depression, not helped by listening to BBC Radio Kent, who've been constantly wittering on for the last few days about the flippin snow and little else.

Concerns have deepened since Mrs Me reported, seeing a fox earlier scavenging at the edge of the Flaig estate, and whilst the estate's herd of fibre glass cows (Freezeians)  (Pictured above) appear unperturbed, its worth noting that Mr Puss is much smaller and doesn't move that fast and may well have been eaten by a family of hungry foxes.

I shall keep you posted.


  1. Let us hope that your fears are unfounded and Mr Puss has not become a meaty treat for some wild canine.

    On the other hand, of course, it could be a fat catnapping conspiracy perpetrated by some masonic bankers to deny the masses the comfort of their feline friends. One never knows and with all the other conspiracies one hears about on this site it has to be considered as a possibility.

    Sure there must be a link somewhere to www.catnappingbythe so will surf around.

    By the way, did you hear that Russian politician last night on Newsnight. He spoke English just like a meerkat!

  2. Fingers crossed it is not the fox scenario Tony, private sector fat cats (that have not been nobbled) are a rare and noble breed. Could be that he has decided to do a bit of scavenging himself, what with his tuna ration being severely curtailed.

    Mr. Puss will be in my prayers tonight, though I'm sure he will show up for his chow when he has tired of chasing blackbirds.

  3. ‘A nation of sheep soon begets a government of wolves’

  4. I never saw any sheep in this Post but a pair of frezers and a fat cat, where did sheep turn up from Tony is your garden big enough for all these farm animals as well as Mr Puss?