Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wi-fi won't work nor will laptop

And the Blackwall Tunnel Is not looking too chipper either.

Just an explanation as too lack of fresh content, wi fi won't talk to laptop and laptop keeps stopping to give me an incompressible reason not to do as told.

Will try system restore and await a new wi fi do-berry, after firing a few unkind words into ISP, would look forward to an evening in front of the other box but not sure what the traffic lottery will throw up or once in front of box whether Mr Puss will again settle down by the skyplus box and block the remote.


  1. Before you do system restore, have you tried connecting your router to the laptop with a ethernet cable?
    You could also try your iphone wirelessly when at home.

  2. Mr.Puss wants his tuna restored (nap bet).

  3. Ahhhhhhh bless Mr Puss he wants Tuna. Have a good Christmas. XXX Don