Monday, December 13, 2010

Internet broken – Mr Puss is safe – other stuff

A long day yesterday, I thought I would relax chill out and blog a little, however on arriving home once I fought past decorations Christmas trees and blooming Santa's, there by the main tree (M&S) was the wi-fi box with an unfamiliar orange light (usually green) showing.

A quick attempt to surf the web with my phone confirmed my worse fears, the internet is broken, all I can tell you is this evening has been an emotional rollercoaster, at times I had that yes sorted feeling, only to realise no I haven't, eventually  I cracked and phoned technical support, thirty minutes later after doing as I was told the wi-fi was back.

Frankly I'm drained, 

RE Mr Puss who was recently on the missing list, I can report that shortly after I posted a blog on the subject, he was found  safe and well sleeping in the front room, on top of washing which was airing on the radiator. (it was one of the coldest days of the year) this makes a change from hogging the heat from my computer and sitting on or near the sky box.

Had I the time ,I was going to contrast the deserved concern shown by the metropolitan police chief for Prince Charles and Mrs Prince Charles, over a few moronic students, with that shown to the family of Ian Tomlinson who died during another protest on his way home after work having apparently been hit from behind by a metropolitan officer, odd world we live in really.

With that I shall carry on watching tonight's soaps. Talking of emotional roller coasters, must get back to Corrie, crikey how much more can we take!


  1. Good news about Mr. Puss.

    Never sure about these folk walking home through the middle of a demonstration. Bit like the student in a wheelchair who got pushed to the front line of the fighting and then complains that the old bill knocked his chair over!

    Lots can happen that perhaps should not have in the adrenalin filled fury of a riot. It is not always easy to remain calm and controlled in the heat of the moment. Actually I think the police do incredibly well in the circumstances.

  2. Too true Tony

    One rule for some and another for the rest of us mere mortals !

    The police are a disgrace in this country and have turned into nothing more than a bunch of unaccountable bullies, who the people need protecting from, in increasing numbers !

    "Had I the time ,I was going to contrast the deserved concern shown by the metropolitan police chief for Prince Charles and Mrs Prince Charles, over a few moronic students, with that shown to the family of Ian Tomlinson who died during another protest on his way home after work having apparently been hit from behind by a metropolitan officer, odd world we live in really."


    Policeman cleared of Kent A21 death crash charge

    Miss Austin, 29, a pre-school worker and mother of three boys, was on her way home to Hadlow and was driving at 14mph. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

  4. 3:07PM How many riots have you confronted? Any idea what it is like to face a worked up mob when you can see the hate in their faces, hear the insults and then have to stand whilst they try to bash their way through you. Evidently no because otherwise you would not write the drivel you do. People like you don't deserve the British police and should be made to face the Chinese or Burmese equivalents.

    Go to places where they routinely use water cannon, CS gas and even firearms. You just don't know how lucky you are.

  5. Concerning the fracas with the 'royal' car in Regent Street it's Charles I feel sorry for.

    After suffering years of reading in the tabloids about his ex-wife being poked by various people it seems to be starting all over again....

  6. She wasn't even ex when visiting the cavalry barracks!

  7. Bluenote, for a minute I thought you were describing the commutors I have to face when there has been cancellations and disruption on the railways.

  8. The resident Blue Troll doesn't seem worth the effort of responding, so I wont bother.

  9. BBC Jody McIntyre interview

    a few moronic students or a lot of moronic armed bullies picking on a disabled person ?

    watch this disgusting interview by our government controlled media

  10. Glad you've discovered pussy.

  11. Nice one, Tony (B), though not quite what I had in mind. Bet you could use a riot stick or a CS canister sometimes though!

    As to Anon 11:19, if it is not worth the bother of replying why even mention it. Just another of your little digs full of wit, humour and silly names, eh?

  12. 11:56PM

    Just tell me what a disabled person in a wheel chair is doing at the front of a demonstration. By all means go and exercise his democratic right but why to the very front where the disorder is taking place. Utter madness!

    Also pleased to see that you still accept interviews on the media as truly representative of a factual, unbiased observation on events. Well, as long as the fit your view.

    Rob Redpath

  13. what a stupid comment Rob Redpath but if your red cap fits

    move along disabled protesters to the back of the queue or better still stay at home we wouldnt want the Nazi police to get caught abusing you on camera and the public find out the truth about the police state we are living in

  14. You really don't get it do you? There are horses for courses and the front ranks of a demonstration is no place for a man in a wheelchair anymore than a rugby scrum is for a little old lady.

    If you think this country has a Nazi police force you really cannot have travelled far. Guess you must be one of these authority hating lefty luvvies - not my scene at all. Mind you, I bet you don't mind the old big brother state when its the Labour lot.

    Rob Redpath

  15. Bluenote is "Never sure about these folk who walk home through the middle of a demonstration"

    I think the point you miss is that people are able to walk home through the middle of a demonstration without being beaten up by the (Peaceful) demonstrators.

    You overlook the significance that trouble occurs at the point the innocent party encounters the police.

    Of course in this country we have a right of lawful rebellion against forces of the state offending against the people.

    This right should have been used by the miners in 84 to then inflict a lawful defeat upon the police (if necessary culling as many as it took to do the job)

    But the use of our antient rights is always open to us. First to remove the power of the state to appoint constables and second to militarily defeat those appointed over us who offend against us.

    And being grateful to be in this country is based upon such rights of lawful rebellion. So Bluenote remember to say thankyou to those prepared to fight against tyranny of the gestapo raised in this land. People fighting for your rights against the state gestapo.

  16. Anon 9:17PM

    You state utter garbage. What you advocate is anarchy to which there should be no right in a civilised society and culling is another name for murder.

    Without law and order we descend into chaos and the survival of the fitest. Are you sure that you and those you care about fit into that category?

    Retired, as always, wades in with his stories and links dragged out of his anti-police archives. A bad copper does not make a bad force anymore than a deluded pensioner makes all oldies stupid!

  17. Two police officers have been stabbed today near Ealing centre whilst carrying out their duties serving the public. Is that what you anti-police scum applaud. Frankly you make me sick.

    Rob Redpath

  18. 9.17 anon

    at last a voice of reason and good old common sense

    we do not need draconian laws to control people that is just an illusion put to the masses to justify why we have an ever increasing police state,

    problem, reaction, solution of course the problems are created first by the state.

  19. Shock horror even the Guardian is being to write something worth reading, never thought I would be able to say that, are they all waking up at long last?

  20. The only reason the Guardian is muttering about the fight for democracy is because we have a Conservative government. They will soon forgot the cause again if, and when, we have a Labour nanny state, top down administration again. There will be no calls for democracy from them then.

    On the other hand, the Mail in general, and Max Hastings and Richard Littlejohn in partiicular, will be once again writing on the erosion of personal freedoms as they did under Blair and Brown.

    Just don't read too much into either. All politicians feel they know what is best for us but go about it in different ways.

  21. See 5:00 PM is back supporting himself at 9:17 again. Must get very worrying when you are the only nutter!