Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Turner Contemporary how KCC manage things?

As I have mentioned before KCC, spends an awful lot of your money on PR and press. A typical example of this concerns the Turner Contemporary gallery, in what looks to have been a carefully controlled media event, KCC handed over the gallery to the Turner Contemporary Trust.

As someone who has taken an interest, I am surprised that todays event or milestone has no mention on Turner Contemporary website and wonder is this a result of KCC's obsession with the media.

John Kampfner the chair of the Turner Contemporary Trust, is a media bod himself, also Chief Executive of the index on censorship, an organisation dealing with freedom of expression, I just wonder if he could disabuse me of the suspicion that KCC invited along the usual complacent press poodles, who report on local events and issues.

I realise this is a time for celebration but one question that could have been asked, in tonight's BBC report  is how back in 2006, the gallery was I think going to cost around 12 mill, not the 17million price tag of today.


  1. Annual staff costs to be picked up by KCC and the Arts Council were planned at £759,000. I just hope that with other running costs Thanet and the residents of Kent will be getting vslue for money.
    For this amount of money together with the building costs you could have had DreamLand up and running with FREE entrance for the next 15 years.

  2. When did any public funded project ever come in on budget?

    One just has to hope that this gallery will live up to expectations and put Thanet on the map for a new source of visitors.

    As to Dreamland, well we can but hope but, in all honesty, once I was out of primary school age, I only remember it as a rather seedy sort of place. Let's hope that, if it comes back, it is done well and set in attractive rather than run down surroundings as of yore.

  3. How do KCC manage things - what a question. See todays report that puts KCC in the bottom 12 of the 156 authorities for children's services. No doubt we will get excuses from cllr Carter and co. When are they going to sack somebody at the top?

    Ofsted KCC children’s services report 2010

  4. Might be a silly question but what have chidren's services got to do with the Turner?

    Haven't we previously exhausted this subject on an earlier article Tony posted.

  5. Anon 5.17
    Just another example of poor management from the so called 4 star council - read the report.
    This is a new damning report issued today by ofsted on how KCC perform in childrens services.
    You are right Tony did cover a childrens story recently.
    This concerned a report issues 19 nov regarding the 'safeguarding and looked after' children services.
    KCC were just one of a few Kent authorities found to be at fault following a spot inspection.
    Not looking good for the management of all childrens services in Kent.

  6. As you keep telling us in your inimitable boring way.

  7. anon 5.08

    Many thanks for this information, there are many people who are very grateful for this exposure of such poor services;the previous 4 stars were clearly some kind of undeserving self-awarded sick joke !

  8. Self congratulations again 11:35PM. You obviously had a late night when you should really be getting your sleep at your age.


    Nicky Wishart, 12, told he faced arrest if public disorder ensued and armed officers would be present

    are children really safe in the Tories hands it doesnt look like it from where im standing

  10. no they are not safe

  11. The Guardian, now there is a really unbiased source of information. Hardly matters though as most people have long since moved on from this article.

  12. 'The closed mind, if closed long enough, can be opened by nothing short of dynamite.' - Gerald W. Johnson.

  13. Perhaps therefore you should get yourself a couple of sticks!