Monday, December 06, 2010

NHS West Kent to practice class discrimination?

This evenings BBC's South East Today programme assuming I heard correct has announced that West Kent NHS are planning to refuse medical treatment to smokers and the obese.

I know my more puritanical and sanctimonious readers will applaud such discrimination, on the basis, that smokers and the obese are self harmer's who don't deserve medical assistance despite having been taxed to er  ..

Whilst that might be true, both conditions are considered to be illness, however I believe that both are less likely to occur in the professional & middle classes (the sort who run West Kent NHS) and more likely to be more common in working classes.

West Kent Health, bods ought to consider just how far their prejudices will take them, why draw the line at smokers and fatties how about not treating the millions of weekend drunks who turn up in our hospitals each year, this I guess would save billions across the country, although we might get a little upset at the ensuing cull of our younger generations as they're left to bleed to death, still we will be able to comfort ourselves with the thought that despite being taxpayers they did bring upon themselves and lets face it the doctor always knows best doesn't he.

The NHS should not discriminate, of course they should advise on issues on lifestyles, but medicine rationed on prejudice is wrong, its the sort of thing you'd expect in some crazy fascist totalitarian state. Its difficult not to feel West Kent NHS are following some extreme right wing agenda.

And what about alcoholics?


  1. Why right wing, Tony. It is something you might find in any totalitarian state whether communist or facist, though, I do agree with you, it is not something one really wants to see in a democracy.

    Perhaps it should operate on a series of warnings with treatment being withdrawn from those who persist in pursuing unhealthy lifestyles despite medical advice.

    Perhaps if we had health insurance like many other countries, people would think a bit about the effect on their premiums of persistent claims.

    Not sure about the paying taxes bit either. If your class claims are correct it is highly likely that some of the most persistent users of unhealthy food, tobacco or even drugs are likely to be non-tax payers.

  2. Bluenote I resisted using the term eugenics which sits more comfortably with far right nazi type groups

    Note to everyone could we stop the Freemason crap, they are almost certainly what we think but its getting boring.

  3. What democracy we have never had one?

    Eugenics has always been part of the plan it just that they are boiling you slowly like frogs once you realise it will be too late !

  4. The West Kent PCT are just proposing that operations for smokers and the overwieght are delayed whilst the patients undergoe a bit of education to help then quit smoking or loose weight. Now that waiting time targets have been scrapped it just a way of justifying the extension of waiting times. The queues for ops and follow ups have already increased including cancer care.

  5. What makes this announcement even more sinister is the fact that most obesity is not so much caused by overeating, but by calculated poisoning. Sounds crazy, I know, but unfortunately a lot of additives in our supermarket grub and fast food are there for no other reason than to interfere with the body's natural processes, thereby shortening our lives.

    The same is true of smoking. Natural, organically grown tobacco is not especially harmful to the health. Sadly 99.9% of cigarettes and rolling tobacco sold in this country is grown using cheap mineral fertiliser, such fertiliser also contains polonium and uranium isotopes which are absorbed by the plant and result in tobacco leaves that are radioactive. It is this radioactivity that causes lung cancer and a myriad other disorders. This is not an accident, it is eugenics.

    The NHS, far from being the envy of the world (as it was ostensibly intended to be) is a sinister joke, just another pot to be plundered by the greedy corporations. Unfortunately the NHS is now the template for the world as countries that previously enjoyed a functioning and efficient health system are being forced to adopt our "eugenics care" system. Death panels, made up of non medically trained administrators (common purpose?) whose main goals seems to be feathering their own nest with kick-backs from the big pharma companies and reducing the population.

    This may come as a shock to some people, but the medical mafia does not want us to be healthy. Most corporate medicines will cure the symptom but not the disease, which, of course, is good for business.

    Many so called terminal or incurable illnesses are perfectly curable by natural methods that are kept hushed up. A registered practitioner who prescribes such holistic treatments runs the risk of being struck off, ostracised or worse.

    It is another sinister racket among so many.

    Alcohol abuse is foisted upon our youngsters as a cool thing to do, alcohol is yet another racket.

  6. Ken Clarke better hope he doesn't fall ill in West Kent then.

  7. It wont affect the rich who can afford private health care no fat rich cat will go without healthcare, food or drink or any other of their excesses legal or not.`

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