Sunday, December 12, 2010

A day in the life

Can a Sunday that starts with an early alarm get any better, possibly not, at work no parking space, a random drug and alcohol test, and for once no problem giving a sample (it's quite chilly  out), followed pretty much by usual lite bit of grafting till the end of shift.

Not long arrived home to find a blimin winter wonderland has been created both in the front garden and inside the house, I must say I am pleased to see the Christmas tree from Marks & Spencer is not as hideous as I thought, although last week not long after I'd tripped over the box containing the thing, it did prompt a lively chat with Mrs Me along the lines of Crikey is that all it cost, how reasonable? and Couldn't we have paid off the flipping mortgage.

Now I've had chance to chill out and knock back a glass of wine, consumed a microwave meal, consider my bank balance the "Tree" is not that bad, still I 'm not being ungrateful and I know Christmas is only once a year but I'm thinking of writing Santa to ask if we could make Christmas once every other year.
yum yum


  1. As we are talking about you Tony, what ever happened about Mr. Puss. Hope that story had a happy ending as I also hope will your Christmas festivities.