Thursday, December 16, 2010

Margate Museum – Its a mystery TDC

As readers will know I have a keen interest in matters of culture and history, particularly where it concerns Margate, so you can imagine how excited I was to see on page 7 of this weeks Thanet Times reference to Margate Museum being open, albeit briefly.

The subject of the article was some sort of Christmas event held at the Margate Museum or rather the building that had been used to house the Margate Museum.
margate exhibitSince this brief article provoked some questions I contacted Thanet councils press supremo for some further information to see what was actually occurring, the councils press supremo seemed to know nothing about the report, bemused I decided to contact the local paper, I understand from the reporter a group of people are hoping  to do something with the old museum, which when more is known will be detailed in the Gazette, I look forward to something positive.

As you know it's my opinion that Margate Museum or lack of it is one of those issues that needs to be addressed by the council whilst we can forward to new visitors arriving to wallow in the new cultural mecca Turner Contemporary it would be nice to have other venues to complement what will be on offer at the gallery, somehow the rather tawdry arcades of Marine Terrace may not hit the spot, not that most Tories have a clue.

Last time I broached this subject I Simon Moores, decided to make the sort superior "I know best" and pompous comments you might expect of someone making his way up the greasy pole of the local Tory party, going off on one as it were, citing Labours finance black hole which is almost fair except, he chose not to ignoring local conservative barbarians who consigned Margate museum to the scrap heap long before the extent of Labour economic crimes were known.


  1. To call TDCs handling of local history abysmal leaves no adequate word to describe it's understanding of the importance of such things.

  2. I think we can all agree on one thing, whoever takes on the Margate Museum will have a lot of support.

  3. Hi there I am really keen to see the museum open again. It seems so ridiculous not to have it open given Margate's rich history. Does anyone know who is already involved? if so please could they email me at Thank you