Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBC - Local Broadcasting threatened

imageI'll fess up at the start of this blog, I'm not the greatest fan of BBC local radio, in fact I have gone on a bit in the past and will continue to comment on lopsided reporting of Kent politics, but with that out of the way, it seems that BBC's regional output may well be about to be swamped by BBC's Five live.

Its suggested that BBC local radio will only be maintained with maybe a morning news offering and a programme in the drive time period, now although I rarely get a chance to listen into daytime output of BBC radio Kent, it is unique ish, admittedly I have trouble with listening to the B list actors, authors and artists plugging plays, books and exhibitions but who else would have them and amongst the dross there are often interesting contributions from local people, that wouldn't be heard elsewhere.

This is a subject I shall return to, in the meantime, I've received an email from a reader who cares enough, to have set up a forum with a friend. Click Here to find out more


  1. BBC Kent radio and BBC SE TV appear to be over staffed. Endless streams of weather forecasters. Why does breakfast radio need two presenters? for years one person did the job and this is the case at other local radio stations.

    At the end of 2010 SE TV listed all those people that had made the service possible through out the year, there were hundreds.

  2. We the people,have not had a free press for years everything has to be in the 'best interests of the corporations'. The people must be educated to see the truth about the global monopoly being played out.

    Debunkers of truth need not apply.

    Bob Bowman: Secrets & Lies

  3. How much truth do the BBC really cover very little it seems?

    Is The Truth Out There? YOU DECIDE !


  4. Up to a couple of months ago I would have probably lamented the passing of BBC local radio, then my car radio packed up. Now, apart from missing traffic bulletins, I actually find it is a blessed relief, rather than any great loss, to be without it.

  5. 'We the people' says Anon 11:10, so come on please tell me, just who are the people?

    It is not the Tories, or Labour or even the Lib/Dems, for you have rubbished them all as part of the establisment plot in the past.
    We know it is not the corporations, or the bankers, or the masons because you have told us often enough. It is also not the government officers, or local government officers, or police, or anybody working in the media.

    So just who does that leave. Do you know what, 11:10, I do believe you are the only person left that is not part of the conspiracy so, in effect, you are only preaching to yourself. How weird is that?

  6. There is something called Vicarious Liability, which applies. Basically, if you know of a crime about to be committed (a crime less serious than Treason), in the process of being committed or after the act you find out about it but do not report it, you are guilty of Vicarious Liability.

    There does seem to be many who are guilty of 'leading beyond their authority' especially in 'Kent'.
    Too many corporations setup to serve themselves rather than the public.

    I agree it will be no great loss to be without it.

  7. Stop feeding the monster.

    Cash in your licence.

    It's utter garbage!


  8. Completely agreed with the last comment all TV is absolute brainwashing dumbing down propaganda rubbish.

  9. Shame the BBC don’t report this !!!

    Banksters & Government Exposed FINALLY by Mainstream News!


  10. You can't really take serious any points made, even if appearing to make sense by an individual called Anonymous; could be some filthy corporate or political entity.
    So stand up and be counted if you are truly an individual.