Friday, March 04, 2011

Kent at ease with itself


Kent Council TV rides again

Some people get the impression that Kent is run for the benefit of hunting and shooting toffs, however Kent is run by a progressive Conservative administration committed to an egalitarian society.

To prove that privilege and social exclusion has no place in our community, Kent County Council have recycled your hard earned money into a  short film, to illustrate the life style of ordinary Kent folk.


  1. what are you ttrying to suggest Tony that conservatives aee using public funds to promote fox hunting for the county blue bloods

  2. Knowing a few folk who ride with the hunt I would not exactly call them bluebloods even though that is what the anti-hunting fraternity would like to portray. Many of those that ride are more genuine cloth cap origins than the suedo cloth cap wealthy socialists and animal luvvies that do all the shouting.

  3. blue blood or just plain wicked bad blood ???

  4. Just stand back and look at it.

    People, of whatever background, dress up in fancy clothes to ride across the countryside chasing a fox (traditionally) and then allow their dogs to tear apart the animal when it is too exhausted to run any more. Then they smear the animal's blood on their young children's faces.

    On a par with anti-social behaviour in urban areas in my view.

  5. 7:58 makes a very good point, in my view. Surely that is the whole point, it is in the view of the beholder, and the gory stories can be matched tenfold by similar ones of what foxes do to chicken barns or lambs.

    I find the behaviour of humans at some football matches, typically the recent old firm punch up, unacceptable but I don't suggest banning people from watching the games.

    All of which goes of the original point which was that this posting started at a dig at the KCC for their apparent support for the county's upper crust. Who said all who hunt are from that fraternity.

  6. I think the point, Anon 10.24, is that foxes are not educated creatures and are driven to what they do by dint of nature. Justifying their ritual slaughter by reference to their killing for food - however gory the process - is a bit lame.

  7. Good lord! The oiks are waking up, we'll have to nip that in the bud, what!

    Fluoridate the tap water, on the double by jove, or we'll be toast.

    What is water fluoridation, 13 min video explains:

  8. 12.30 anon

    does look like it doesnt it

    all thats needed is to remove the red coats snouts from the trough

  9. KCC tax payees money being used to promote fox hunting... Whatever next