Thursday, March 24, 2011

The budget

Can't summon the energy and lack the inspiration this week so I might just post a few random images for a day or two like the above.

I did think I might comment on the budget earlier this week but lets be honest, in such matters, we the people are impotent in the face of a barrage of finance experts, and what will be, will be.

Hope this post does not prompt a load of links to be left in the comments section of the post, I'm frankly getting tired of links to youtube vides in which some beardy bloke spouts complete bollix.

Found this twitter post from BBC reporter Simon Jones quite amusing


  1. Never mind the budget. Love the colour combo. Who needs Emin when we've got Flaigy ;-)

  2. On this photo I was very much inspired by artists of Emins calibre basically I tool a crap photo and sub contracted the work to my computer, which rendered the above master piece

  3. As you say, Tony, in the words of an old Doris Day song, whatever will be, will be.

    Sadly we are in the mire financially and whoever had been chancellor would have faced the same limitations.

    Only good thing in the budget debate was Ed Milliband doing wonders for the NO2AV campaign.

  4. Using the latest Sundays Times poll data of C35%,L43%,LD10 a leading AV prediction site shows that AV would save the LibDems from almost wipe out and not affect Labour at all.
    The prediction is C 221 seats, L 374,LD 31 and others 6.
    Under FPP the predition is C 235 seats, L 376, LD 15 and others 6.

    Its no good just guessing how AV will affect the result, do a bit of research.

  5. 12:04 Who is guessing at the effect of AV on the result. In simple terms, my comment was meant to convey that Ed Milliband is no advert for AV himself.

    His brother, David, was far more people's first choice and Ed crept in when other candidates second choices were taken into consideration. Hardly a genuine majority and defeats the principle of one man one vote for not every voters second choices were taken into consideration.

    You carry on with your number crunching if it makes you happy, but be wary of basing any potential outcome on opinion polls. Remember, Kinnock should have won by a landslide in 92 but he didn't. So much for opinion polls.