Thursday, March 03, 2011

Top Thanet Conservative lashes out ?

(Read POSTCRIPT FIRST)* It would be true to say that I rarely, visit the pages of Top Thanet Tory Cllr Simon Moores, Weblog, I know, if you're a regular you will be thinking, Flaigy your missing out on Thanet's most witty, respected and creative talent, who is in no way boring, prone to hypocrisy or suffering from an inflated ego or any of that malarkey.

Still that said I'm not sure whether Simon is desperate for publicity, since his current posting appears to criticise me for allowing "the same person" to post comments on this site, or as Moores puts it "straddling Tony Flaig's weblog" also "the same person" is accused of being "Mark Nottingham's new best friend"  an accolade I thought mine, damn!

All that is in Simon's first paragraph,  and the next continues in a similar vein, "It's not in my interest to censor anything on ThanetLife but I do have an acceptable use policy and like it or not, a  blogging protocol which I follow. So, no personal abuse, which the usual suspect, suffering as he does from chronic insomnia, will invariably leave overnight and nothing that might be considered libellous, as three other prominent local bloggers have discovered to their considerable cost in the last year or so.


Now I have only a passing acquaintance with Simon, so I honestly don't know what his motivations are but I personally find it rather extraordinary, for someone apparently so steeped acceptable behaviour and who adopts a "blogging protocol" should deliberately insult me by linking my name, using a hypertext link to a story carried on Kent Messengers website about a beached whale. In what I consider to be an immature, joke intended to be offensive.

I don't know whether this is some juvenile joke of Cllr Simon Moores or whether its some  incredible mistake, presumably  if this is some error Moores will have the decency to issue an apology. I don't act like some sneaky schoolboy and don't expect others too if they expect to be taken seriously.

Finally I hope Moores is not seriously inferring, that I have any less stringent policy on comments than he, I frequently remove comments, as was the case this week with one referring to himself, admittedly I don't play god over what goes and what doesn't  except when things get heated and abusive.



You have to be, certainly in my case eccentric to blog as much as some of us do and errors may occur

In fairness to Simon I have spoken to him (read talked loudly) and it appears that Incredible Error is the answer, at the time of posting the link, Cllr Moores was also pasting a twitter link, the two apparently links became switched which has ignited this particular post. I accept Simon's explanation, so take the preceding comments in that context.

If anything can be learnt from this its don't multi task, with blogging and twitter.


  1. He mentions other popular blogs occasionally knowing full well that he'll get publicity out of it, and mugs like you Tony fall for it every time!

  2. Tony
    It may be worthy of note that since he published his lecture to the community not one single person has commented.

  3. I commented Andrew, suggesting that he links to Michael's Thanetonline post so that people can make their own mind up who's in the right & wrong. It hasn't been published.

  4. The link has now changed Tony and points to your blog instead of the stranded whale, so something must be happening. If you have any communications with Simon please tell him that the olive branch is still available from me.

  5. Thanks Tony and again for (loudly) pointing out the error.

    Memo to all iPad users. Be careful copying links which are then truncated in Twitter. It might not work to plan & you end up with the wrong one next time you paste something!

  6. I accept that Simon made a mistake in hyper linking, Since my original posting is in the public domain and would be available via google but should be read in context.

  7. The only thing that interests me in the Councillor's post is the reference to three local blogs who have apparently incurred considerable costs... Who? What for?

  8. TOP Thanet Tory Cllr? Reckon Bayford and a few others would have something to say about that...

  9. Good Heavens - he is human after all

  10. Michael
    Its up to him to offer the olive branch. He's the public servant, not you

  11. Total cobblers, and very embarrassing for someone who goes on about being so intelligent. What an arse. Oh well, it's the elections soon. And I don't do party politics - just state the obvious.

  12. Mmm, just woke up with urgent need to vent some spleen against TDC. Arse seems a bit strong though. Moores is probably a really nice boy! Is he? I suppose I should make an effort to say something controversial as I have turned this machine on. I really must get back to sleep now. Oh God I just cannot get to sleep without telling the blogosphere that if Fiona thinks Moores is an arse I think he must be. I trust Fiona's judgement as I know her. Well, who is going to take this bait I wonder? I hope I can look forward to some fisticuffs on here when I wake up. Maybe I can pick up some abuse myself. Nothing like a vituperative broadside to get one going in the morning. Talking of which that Broadside fellow really should take his medicine. I always find a whisky soda does the trick. Still, it takes a loony to know a loony does it not Anonymous? Anonymous is definitely an arse, and a cretinous arse at that. Mmmm, I feel better now. Bring it on as they say in the States! Happy trails all. Must go now or the dogs will wake up wanting breakfast.

  13. Good to see old fashioned class warfare alive and kicking. Oh, how the small minded get delight from having a dig at the toffs. Some folk will not be happy until the great unwashed run the bathroom.

  14. Not going very well in Egypt, Sir Reresby, what?

    Better have another whisky soda old fruit, you're gonna need it.

  15. I think Fiona S has hit the nail on the head perfectly.

    In the professional media, off-the-wall non-stories emerge on what people call "slow news days" or when circulation is on the slide. Perhaps falling (blog) visitor numbers, electioneering, and the declining interest in the Labour/Hart story are the reasons behind Councillor Moores's latest hissy fit.

    His "story" says nothing and makes no point. It does dangle veiled threats and nudges towards intimidation - all of which we have seen on many previous occasions from this particular blogger.

    It is all rather sad. As a Councillor, he makes a good effort at engaging with the local population, and is clearly accessible - assuming that he is engaging openly and honestly of course (as I am sure he is). But then every now and again, posts of this sort appear, sending a bit of a shiver through the local blogging scene. Various bloggers have fallen victim over time. On this occasion as before, there is little obvious justification or prompt for the outburst.

    It is also a shame that Councillor Moores, and some other bloggers, choose to refer to late-night posters in such a disparaging manner. So what if someone posts late at night, or early in the morning? That may reflect the person's working pattern. The Internet is a 24-hour entity, as I would hope an IT expert like Moores would appreciate. Making "insomnia" - or mental illness as has happened previously - an insult or a cause for poking fun is simply lame.

    Across all these issues, the relevant repsonse would seem to be "get a life".

  16. I often finish work at 2 AM or later, & it's certainly not unusual for me to be on the internet for a hour or so afterwards.

    I confess Fiona's comment made me chuckle! : )

  17. If you read what he said on his blog it does sound very reasonable which is different to what I read here which isnt a surprise


  18. I do not think the disparaging comments are so much directed at the time of night of the posting, but the content. There does seem something of a tendency by one frequent contributor to the conspiracy theory, to do so in the small hours. That may of course be because it delays the irate responses for a few hours at least.

    Really do not think it is worth getting too excited about and most of us manage to annoy somebody else at least some of the time.

  19. Perhaps you should contact Moores directly, Bluenote, and offer your counsel to him.

  20. Well if you do, I am glad my suggestion is not wasted or inappropriate.