Wednesday, March 09, 2011

First impressions and not much time

tctAccording to my countdown thingumajig on my Outside Turner blog, it's less than 40 days before the grand opening, I suggest sceptics take a look at the building preferably in the sun as I did recently.

Having just taken a gander a few points are worth consideration, of course the biggest issue is will it be finished on time, from where I was standing it looked as of there was a heap of materials to the rear of the lifeboat station, which assuming they're needed looks like a couple of weeks work, add to that snagging work then I'm wondering if things are getting a little tight, hopefully not.

Looking at Margate's readiness overall some items that stand out are the open spaces set to be tarted up shortly, the lighthouse was to have been painted up this has now been shelved, dreamland is a tangle of scaffolding.

Still in the vicinity of the Harbour arm and old town, things look more lively, and not bad at all, it just worries me that things could have been better coordinated, still we only had about 10 years to prepare.


  1. 40 days? That's a coincidence, It's 40 days since Clive Hart pledged to resign!

  2. Oooh! Another coincidence...Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day in Lent and beginning of 40 days of repentence. Maybe it isn't 'Clive Hart Must Go' but 'Clive Hart Must Repent'?!

  3. Incredible how everything turns round to introduce Clive Hart. Poor guy's ears really must be burning at times though evidently not enough shame to make him come clean.

    On to the Turner and the much heralded opening, one can but hope that those in charge have the finishing off running well to schedule.

    A time of promise and with our new South Thanet MP getting us loads of recognition in Westminster, good times could be just around the corner.

    Of course, the hate and oppose everything minority in Thanet will now ridicule me but, who cares, for I am happier than they.

  4. Bill,
    U talk a lot of sense about Clive, the Turner Centre and Margate.
    I love Margate too and hope for better times.
    I don't claim to be red or blue politically but am not blind. I see the current corruption in local politics with Clive's team and appreciate the good that our Blue MP could do in Westminster.

  5. Good to hear those who love our part of the world having their say instead of the endless whingers.

    Though TDC have come in for much criticism, some deserved, over both the present Tory and former Labour terms of office, things may now be on the up. It probably helps when local, county and MPs are of the same political colour, in terms of influence and co-operation.

    We can but hope that the promise is fulfilled this time though May could cast us back into the dark ages of constant conflict between district and county coucils.

  6. 03:52 well done yes it is clear things are on the up, every week even the Thanet Gazette manage to print a good news story, every day on the blogs Hart gets a mention, he is yesterdays news, said he would resign but has not Nottingham still in the Group, Harison, Nicholson and Green doing nothing, saying nothing, letting Hart stay as leader, a gift to the Tory's, is everyone in the Labour group barking mad or will a real leader arrive before the Election. 10:07 Hart repent you must be joking, he would lose his allowance and have to remove the photo of himself off the TDC Office door, that is truly a step too far for him, our man in the suit!!!

  7. Bill I doubt few would not admire Laura Sandy's performance so far in Westminster, it's in stark contrast to that of Ladyman and or Gale who as far as I can tell has never done much more than be kind to animals and looking concerned about trains running on time.