Friday, March 18, 2011

Who are these people?

It's probably me but sometimes you just get the hump, with all the busy bodies that interfere and pry for reasons best known to themselves into your daily comings and goings.

Anyhow I pulled up on a garage forecourt, this morning to fill up on scotch eggs and get a paper "The I" ( not bad just gives the news straight, unlike the Mail & Express only 20P) anyhow as I walked to shop I spotted a van as per the above illustration "Mobile Surveillance Unit" splattered on the side .

Naturally I thought who are these people, snooping and poking about into my daily routine, decided to take a photograph and clearly I'm not the only person with a inquisitive mind, since the anonymous guy in the van, happy to record my comings and goings, was not to happy either, in fact I'd say he was more miffed than I.

As I walk back to my vehicle Mr Nosy-Parker displays a clearly empathetical reaction, getting out of his van, unused to ad hoc amateur surveillance, asks " Who are you?" inclined to retort "Who the heck are you?" however worried I may be suffering a mild form of Tourettes, exacerbated by confrontational situations, I instead pointed out that I happened to be a member of the public, this  he found unsatisfactory, demanding to look at my camera phone.

I declined by commenting no further, and continued my journey, it's a sobering thought that any Muppet, myself included can just point a camera and expect not to be challenged.

Anyhow the bloke with his surveillance van, is probably still offended that someone should dare to respond in a similarly obtrusive manner to that of his own, without pondering on the irony.

I'm probably now on a list of dangerous and suspicious characters as I suspect is much of the British population.


  1. Good for you Tony !

    Welcome to the Police State Corporation UK. We are watching them watching us and they dont like it, well thats just too bad. What do they constantly quote "nothing to hide nothing to fear" unless of course they are the ones who have far more to hide & fear?

  2. Please no more world conspiracy, wall to wall cctv surveillance is more about dim witted F wits in local government and the like, take a stroll in any town and you have local authority busy bodies snooping just because the can.

    Thanet council have for instance installed many cameras just for their own convenience, in and around the Mill Lane car park just so they can check on their expensive cars.

  3. Well played Tony, welcome to the club! Maybe you should have videoed him and upped it to youtube?

    Private security/paramilitary outfits are certainly a cause for concern; Monsanto buys Blackwater:

  4. Conspiracy or fact ?

    Its because they have been allowed to get away with it without being challenged by an increasingly dumbed down populace.

    Wait till you get the Big Brother Big Society Census call

  5. Well what a lovely post for the conspiracy theorist. Actual shots of 'BIG BROTHER' in action!!!

    Has nobody ever heard of private security companies. Those who provide surveillance of unoccupied commercial premises, industrial sites and even vacant homes for a fee. The police are not able to do it so hardly surprising that some enterprising people have turned it into a business

    How many of you state police nutters seriously think that state surveillance would be carried out in a highly coloured vehicle with SPIES written all over it. The idea of such overt patrolling is to deter villains, not check out the contents of your larders or whatever. Grow up please, particularly 3:56!

  6. Anon 12:49

    I thought elsewhere that you claimed the people had already woken up to the establisment plot. Now you are calling them a dumbed down populace.

    Which is or are your really the dumbed down one, permanently?

  7. 1249 needs a serious dose of growing up. Without some form of head count once in a while we would have no idea of what level of service we should be aspiring to provide. The National Census has been going since the early 1800s - it's no more Big Brother than registering a birth or death

  8. The bootlickers are out in force again I see.

    Perhaps you'll wake up when you lose your home, your pension and your investments.

    Then again, probably not.

  9. Andrew, good to see that you and I are labelled jointly as bootlickers by our resident conspiracy nut. Nothing you or I can say will ever sink in and I guess we are stuck with his Big Brother scenario until the men in white coats finally get around to him.

  10. OK then Bluenote/Geronimo, please explain what right that thug had to question Tony's action, when even a police officer cannot do that.

    Your desperation in defending this police state is ridiculously obvious; you are one of THEM - or at least, you think you are.

    Oh, and just in case it slipped your attention, our new world government, the UN, has just ordered our 'sovereign' military forces to illegally invade Libya.

  11. well said anon 11.18

    It does looks like our resident head in the sand nutters will refuse to see anything until they are shafted from behind, rather than face the truth. Probably a little research is beyond them.

    Nothing you or I can say will ever sink in and I guess we are stuck with these resident head in the sand nutters until they along with everyone else is shafted.

  12. 11:18 also posing as 11:32 to create the myth of support - The person you describe as a thug, who is simply someone doing his job, had the right as a person to question why somebody else is taking a photo of them or their vehicle. It has nothing to do with police powers.

    I repeat, what real covert surveillance operative is going to do so in a colourful and labelled vehicle.

    Also, I have a half brother of the Commanche tribe called Warrior of the Blue River but not Bluenote. He sounds like a Tory pale face to me.

  13. What is this? Here am I have a quiet Sunday afternoon browse around the blogs and up crops my name. Having long since stopped responding to the conspiracy theorist, I will indulge in a little advice for Geronimo.

    Do not waste your time, my friend. The person behind the 'big brother' theories takes nothing on board, probably because he can't, and a perusal of his postings will demonstrate a lack of literary skill. He latches on to phrases or expressions used by others and then uses them repetively being devoid of individual thought or creation.

    What he claims as research is the reading of articles written by other nutters and then treating them as fact. All rather sad really, but better ignored than humoured.

  14. Oh dear some just dont like the truth getting out there or people asking questions, never mind upwards and onwards.

  15. 3:53 You would not know the truth even if it jumped out and bit you on the backside.

  16. I suppose it is easy for some to get bitten with their heads stuck firmly in the sand, a little research wouldnt go a miss. Or are they just too frightened it might burst their tiny bubble.

  17. Would that be Saharan sand or Margate beach?

    Perhaps we just want to enjoy our lives without doom merchants clogging the airwaves with their endless plots, conspiracy and impending disasters.

    Face it, shit happens but in the meantime get on with living.

  18. Our aim is not to spread doom and gloom, but rather to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. Once we have awoken a critical mass, that will happen.

    In the meantime, I am living quite nicely thank you.