Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The drive of your life - I flipping hope not

I think that peugeot, have used the slogan "drive of your life" occasionally to promote their product.

Having driven a couple of their vans, I just wonder what Is meant by the slogan, since the first one I had seemed to be haunted, the electronics apparently deciding when I should use headlights dipped and full beam, even after I took the vehicle in to have the fuel pipe moved from the exhaust and the computer reset the lights including dashboard still had a life of their own.

Tonight the replacement broke down resulting in a four and a half hour detour, hence, just pure angst tonight, and no flipping pancakes, I mainly drive transits whatever state there in, you can always trust them.

Hence no proper post. Just a hasty bitch from my iPhone


  1. In view of the car you were driving shouldn't you have been heading home for crépes, not pancakes? Shame you missed them either way but, living here, you should be aware that all things French are likely to shut down at the drop of a hat, or anything else for that matter.

  2. What! Tony has been supporting the french car workers and not his own in Luton or Dagenham.

  3. I have no choice, but if I did it would have to be the ford transit,another feature I didn't mention was the folding wing mirrors, on the M2.

    If I had a choice, I dont think vans are produced in the UK anymore.

  4. still making them until 2012 in Luton and Southmpton rather thn Dagenham.