Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bignews experiences technical problems

Thanet residents and the Global audience, have doubtless been wandering, aimlessly through the forest of dross, that is the internet since Monday, when Bignews last published, needless to say, there has been a damn good reason for this, er well not really. OK I did forget my log on details and had a minor panic attack last night but by the time I managed to sort out, was past caring.

Its not know whether 'Thanet Life' 'Eastcliff Matters' or even 'Eastcliff Richard' hits the same spot but I have been thwarted in my attempt today, to blog, firstly by the damn fine weather tonight, deciding to go cycling instead and then Mrs Me insisted I watch 'the Apprentice' held over from yesterday, due to Mrs Me watching some damn football match.

Blog or watch my favourite TV show (about the only thing I watch) no contest. I'm thinking of repeating some of my earlier posts and perhaps involving you the reader to point out my mannny errors.


  1. Obviously watching the Apprentice wins over most other activities: but would you want them marketing your treasured products? Then again, maybe they should be appointed to promote the area's tourism: Cristina and Katie would both be able to describe the thriving Dreamland site with absolute conviction, and Trey could just explain how brilliant he is and how he's worth visiting...

  2. Last time I met Sir Alan was at the launch of some dodgy piece of tut, er I mean marvellous piece of technology he had developed. Tea and biscuits were provided for the assembled hackerati (he knows how to push the boat out). What were the biccies? Jammy dodgers, of course.

  3. EAST Am I the only blogger without some personal Alan Sugar story?

    Zumiweb I think they are immensely talented, but my money is on Low-hip or whatever he is called.