Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sign of the times

In the next few days, we will be at last given the date and manner of Tony Blair’s departure, which frankly cannot come quick enough for most Labour supporters because it seems that for the last year he has lingered like a bad smell.

Probably we shall see a good deal of sycophancy from Labour Party hacks, in the next week or two but I’m fairly sure that most of the Labour party wont miss him. Its difficult to praise a man of his ilk who came to power with genuine good will from the public to have completely wasted his time in office, and even worse sent out British service personnel to fight a war based on bogus information with no objective other than to await instructions from Washington.

In this time we could have expected to see some real benefit to working people, but no, the minimum wage perhaps the biggest waste, over ten years this could have been gradually bought up to a level were employees could expect to receive a living wage, without filling out forms to get benefits from the government, the very least might have been protection for the countries workforce, from uncontrolled migration, as is the case in other mature economies like France and Germany.

Well unfortunately Blair ignored those who put him in office, and as an example of todays Britain, nothing could be more indicative, than the young kid, in Northdown Road, selling the ‘Big Issue’, whose accent would suggest they travelled many miles to Britain just flog a magazine.

Well done Blair.

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