Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bignews Margate temporary diversion!

Classics not dog pooh!

My apologies for not contributing to the blogosphere, these last few days, due to family commitments, and more importantly a pitiful attempt by myself, to appease Mrs Me. Also I remain rather depressed from last week's election outcome, not that I'm a staunch supporter of the Labour Party by any means, what really bothers me, is the roughly 70 out of every hundred Thanetonians, who can't lever their backsides off the sofa and take part in our democracy.

During the last few days I have been tasked, with tidying-up, the great library of Flaig Mansions, otherwise known as the spare bedroom. This room has become the depository of the Flaig family archives, and in particular my personal papers. Mrs Me believes me to be a hoarder of rubbish and has opined that, were someone to attach, a packet of dog pooh, to our weekend newspapers, then the chances are, that I would retain this, just in case it came in handy.

I really haven't a clue what she means, I would admit to keeping CDs and DVD's, but as far as I can tell, everyone is a classic. She may well have a point, with the occasional item, such as my blank driver log sheets, from a previous employer, manuals for gadgets than have either been lost or broken, I may even have to hide some essentials like my collection of mobile phones, some of which actually still work, however my favourite the Nokia N70, never did survive that dunk in the toilet.

Occasionally there are letters and notes, amongst my collection of rare begging letters from utility companies, which bring back memories, like the one from a past employer who stated that they would be obliged if I could pay a parking fine, since I'd been 3000 miles away at the time, I had drafted a reply, something to the effect that they would be ****ing lucky, I regret not having sent that letter.

Anyhow must crack on now! There is so much interesting stuff to sort through.


  1. Tony old sport, have you been in touch with the Science Museum? I'm sure they'd be interested in some of those phones!

  2. Im sure that they would but, but their mine all mine.