Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who to vote for

Like anything in life not every thing is black and white, this week, we get the chance to make our own personal selection. There are various factors which should influence our choice, policy has to be one, but its not all, sometimes you have to go with gut feelings.

Now I’ve only so far, had the one visit from any candidate, which as it happens was from the Conservatives, now last time round in my ward, I had a similar experience and that instance, I believe I did what I’m going to do this time round and that is to vote for the Tory, who at least took the trouble to canvas my opinion, however my reason this time is slightly different..

Now in the last local elections my reasons for voting for the Tory candidate who bothered to call was based purely on that fact that they had at least bothered, this time despite the fact I would recommend, people vote Labour after studying some of the planning issues and poor management of the Conservatives over the last 4 years my reasons are personal.

A while back one of the labour candidates, made some inaccurate statement, which I don’t recall they apologised for then or subsequently, to be honest I had almost forgotten it until today, when I was reminded of it.

Obviously we all have our own standards, if I make an error, I’m inclined to admit it and apologise as I did with Roger Gale back in February in public (this website) and by email. Had this candidate, had the grace or manners to apologise either discreetly by email or publicly they would have received my vote.

Frankly in the wild chance that labour lost by my one vote, although I wish to see them win, I would not lose any sleep over it. I’d rather a Tory who shows some respect than an arrogant Labour candidate who would'nt.

I try to be as accurate as I can, so, should any errors occur please report them and if necessary I’m sure I can say sorry. Still I'm no politician, yet.

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