Friday, May 04, 2007

Labour lose local election.
Hours after the Polling Station opens this arrives

It's my personal opinion that the last four years, has witnessed a period of lost opportunities, such as the incompetence from our Conservative local government, district and county, particularly over the Turner contemporary Debacle, which so far has cost £8 million and wasted 10 years, Dreamland an asset of national importance, set to become a characterless housing development, because local Tories don't have the vision or imagination to save it.

When you put all the, disasters and bad decisions together, they are a compelling case, for not voting Tory, however when you look at Labour nationally, having drawn us into an unwinnable war in Iraq, having morally bankrupt ideas such as super casinos is it any wonder that people show their disapproval.

Those of us who bother to vote, are not muppets, and if the Labour government wish to continue to insult our intelligence, over Iraq then we will see David Cameron, despite being bereft of any of policies or ideas becoming Prime Minister at the next general election.

A couple of the local results were interesting, firstly in my own ward, where it is notable that the turnout was the lowest in Thanet, and an area which traditionally returns Labour councillors this time elected Conservatives, the reason I think for this is simple, I don't think that the Labour Party bothered, to canvass this area, however they did drop a card in 10 hours or so, after the polling station had opened for business, on one side it said 'if you stay at home or don't vote you will get a failing Tory council for another four years' , here's my reply if you don't canvas you won't get elected!, finally had they been 'working hard' as they claimed on their literature for my ward, they should have been elected today.

The other interesting result, is that of the current leader of the Conservative group, Sandy Ezekiel its interesting to note, that his own personal vote, has declined from 1531 in 2003, Today receiving a noticeable drop down to 1225, 20 per cent fewer votes. This might well reflect, recent bad publicity and the high standards some of the electorate like to see, from their representatives. It will be interesting to see, whether he remains the leader of the Tory group.