Sunday, May 13, 2007


News that the serving prisoners, are taking away work from experienced track workers, comes as little surprise after 10 years of Tony Blair, which has seen ever increasing exploitation of working people.

First off new Labour, encourage desperate unskilled workers from Eastern Europe, to come to Britain to be exploited shamelessly by the agricultural industry and professional classes who want cheap builders and plumbers.

Now on the face of it woolly minded half-witted middle-class do-gooders, will have no problem, with exploiting convicted criminals in tough harsh and frequently dangerous working conditions on Britain's railways, and neither would I, if I thought for a moment that convicted criminals would also be offered jobs, in senior management posts within network rail. I am sure there are plenty of talented managerial types, who could take the place of the directors of network rail.

Of course it's unlikely to happen, it's one thing to deprive a working man of a job being replaced by some convict on poverty pay, but for some reason I can't see the directors of Network Rail standing aside for someone probably as competent but earning just £5.35 an hour, particularly since four directors managed to trouser their share of £1.1 million bonus on top for their wages, despite losses of £232 million.

This is a scandal, there are hundreds of experienced trackman, seeking work, and probably a few thousand who are only able to get part-time work. It wouldn't be so bad, if those employed in Network Rails chain-gang were paid properly.

I'm sure there are many, involved in track maintenance who would like a chat with chief executive, John Armitt before he leaves to join Olympic Delivery Authority.

Be assured I am as ever, completely unbiased just like a proper writer, its just that I lack that empathy management types seem to have for criminals, maybe its that work ethic thing. Its probably unreasonable for ordinary working people to expect to be offered a job before some thief, rapist or thug?

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