Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nothing to report

Reading through this week's Isle Thanet Gazette, looking for a morsel of entertainment, assuming there's no story concerning one of our councillors, reprehensible behaviour, I generally read the column written by Jane Wenham - Jones, this week she asks ''Why would you want to write?''.

Well after some consideration, my opinion is why wouldn't you, and for the answer you probably wouldn't need to look any further than the previous week's Isle Thanet Gazette. Now last week's Isle of Thanet Gazette contained a report, concerning Dreamland, which even suggested it was a full report, which I take to mean it covered the two pages that the story was given.

Now in my opinion, the Gazette seems to have failed to report, on the very real opposition, to the Reading developer's plans to plonk as many houses as possible on to this site, also neglecting to mention that the firm Waterbridge may not get planning permission for anything other than a amusement park since they have to prove, with evidence from an independent source, that an amusement park would not be viable on this site.

Without wishing to be too pompous, there are matters and issues that local news media, prefer not to mention since much of their revenue is derived from advertising. Now I have certainly been harsher, in my comments concerning some of our local issues because my motivation is a wish offer something different to the endless tame reports by local media.

Anyway I don't attempt to compete with professional writers, since I believe myself to be dyslexic, and left school with no English language qualification but with the aid of new technology, it's easy to write even if it's crap as I'm sure both my readers would agree.

Just coming back briefly, to plain Jane, amusing as her article was, shouldn't the article have been headed advertisement since it appeared to be a fairly focused on her new book ' Wannabe a writer?'. Anyway details of her new book are available on her website, click here as if it's as good as her regular column, then it will be worth the purchase price of £7.99.

Finally the Internet has allowed just about anyone a voice, I would advise anyone who has something to say, to just do it, till now the publishers of newspapers have used their power to influence people, now for the first time ordinary people have that same power. That is until such time those to controller lives, decide to regulate the Internet.