Monday, May 21, 2007

Ebbsfleets iconic image for A2

I see that a competition has been launched to design a massive erection, for ebbsfleet, this is apparently being backed by Eurostar, London and Continental Railways and Land Securities, just what you need as you crawl towards London on Kents clogged up A2.

The motivation behind this, is that some sort of iconic (I hate this word) structure or sculpture, will help the identity of an area with a new railway station and yet another humungously grubby new housing development. Hopefully it will take people's minds off new acres of concrete and tarmac.

Actually I was looking at that wind turbine near Richborough, the other day, and thinking of those smug northerners with their wretched 'Angel of the North' thinking maybe this wind turbine could be converted to a the similar function, since in are all the years, it's been there I've never seen it move.
Were someone to tack a head or something on, perhaps we could have a sort of Creature of the South, and maybe paint it up a bit.

Anyway briefly back on Ebbsfleets structure or sculpture, near the A 2 how about a stack of cars sweeping majestically up into the sky going nowhere, with motorcycles weaving in and out.

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