Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanet District Council the new season

Have done a little video blog on tonights first council meeting since the election. Not got the time for a full post. Must say that I noticed one new councilor, who seems full of advice, and kept going on about the last council he was elected to. I'm sure that he will prove very popular with Tories and the Labour members and was in no way irritating.

Noticed Simon Moores kept very quiet!


  1. Sorry I missed you Tony!
    It was Winston Churchill who once said that that "It takes courage to stand up and speak but it takes even more courage to sit and listen".

    Best to pay attention, learn how it all works and only speak when I have a sensible contribution to make rather than a wish to score cheap political points.

  2. I think you summed it up pretty well Tony! Turgid, unprofessional hypocritical, most of it.
    What I actually said was that the Tories were set to cost the Thanet taxpayers over £1,000,000 in allowances over the 4 year council term. They quibbled about the extra claims for petrol money, but didnt disagree with me.

  3. If Labour feels so strongly about the cost of Councillor Allowances, why dont they vote against it?

    Unfortunately I couldnt be at the meeting for the whole time as I had other commitments to make last night.

  4. Tony,

    Missed speaking to you last evening, but, hey ho, we will catch up with each other I am sure.

    Could I please use your web page advertise my home email address? Reason for this is that, for some reason, tdc insist on using I cannot yet access that one.


    Ps. The purpose of a councillors parking permit is to ensure that councillors are not out of pocket whilst on official duty. That allows rich or poor alike to represent their electorate. Same reasoning applies to councillors allowances.

  5. Self congratulatory claptrap most of it.
    What most people missed was a new Tories maths !!
    he seemed to think that amount claimed for expenses represented the political percentages on the Council, I know that maths has changed a lot but I still dont see how 19 is just under half of 33.

    It will be interesting to see if Simon Moores manages to finaly gets the Council to use the Webcast facillity that has been sitting dormant for several years !! Maybe he can put his technical knowledge to work !!
    Maybe if Cllr Gregory tried using his correct TDC email adrress he may be able to access it.

    Cllr Mike Harrison.

  6. Hardly Mike, trying to access yours today I was demanded a domain name to access anything at all! It seems the gremlins are on the loose...again!

  7. Very thoughtful Simon

    David can the local taxpayer, put in an expenses claim, since as a result of my visit I had to visit to Pete's fish factory, since I had an early start the following day, personally I think you should be entitled to a productivity bonus for the sheer number of contributions you made during the meeting

    James I feel that, expenses should only be available in extreme cases, I understand that Mr Ezekiel is eligible for up to £17,000 a year, which appears to be more money than a street cleaner can earn from a full-time job.

    Ken, you can leave your e-mail address in my comments section any time, but unfortunately I have no advertising.

    Mike I'm sure Ken will appreciate that helpful advice

    Chris unfortunately I was losing the will to live, by the time mention was made of your responsibilities, so my apologies for failing to report them correctly.

  8. Red Faces all round here !

    I tried to access my so called home page from the public part of the TDC website today and was greeted with the same message! I entered my user name and password as requested but still couldnt get in,,hey ho not a problem I can always get in through the Members Portal, nope! although it now seems to be working ( partially)

    Tony, if you were losing the will to live how do you think we felt !!!

    Cllr Mike Harrison..

  9. Ah but that was the real plan Tony, everyone had lost the will to live by then, so no one knows what I am supposed to be doing and thus cannot hold me to account...rats except my shadow the ever present and prescient Mike Harrison - curses!