Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Am I an authority on Margate?

Odd question maybe, the reason I ask, is not for the first time in my life, I have got myself embroiled in a little, er dispute!

As you will no doubt realise, I am no academic, however I stumbled across the Wikipedia entry for Margate, where I had the temerity to place a link, to this very site.

Now I realise there are better writers, but I feel that my contribution, concerning local matters is as good if not better on occasion than more professional sources.

However someone decided, that they would edit my contribution out, that is my link, because according to Wikipedia rules, it's not normally done, to have links to a blogsite unless from an authority in a subject.

Anyway if you would like to follow discussion, Please click here Links to personal blogs.

PS whilst much of my writing is facetious, it does not mean that is incorrect or less valid and I genuinely believe that I have bought attention to some matters that would otherwise not see the light of day particularly in relation to regeneration.

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