Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye from them and er Goodnight from me - The end of blogging

I like to think I don't get too introverted, I like to think I've something to add, I like to think, I like to expand, I don't give a flyer if you struggle to understand.

I blog therefore I am.

Fellow bloggers this week seem in melancholy mood, blogging is not what it once was, well neither are a lot of things, my looks, my future, even the laptop is beginning to look bloated and full, my blog has recently attracted the sort of fixated nutters I try not to emulate.

I don't think that anybody is saying that blogging is dead but there are clearly quicker easier shorter sharper methods of getting your message across like twitter and facebook.

It's not always that simple I feel, if I have something to say you need to know why I'm saying it, you need to know the emotions the facts or the reasons why I post as I do, and more depth  than 140 odd characters in a twitter post can offer. 

A simple four letter word like sh!t can be very expressive if you have just stepped off the pavement in front of a speeding juggernaut, the word conveying seriousness, desperation, futility and any other emotion that needs to be quickly expressed.

However an opinion on say a political policy, has to be more explanatory, otherwise you just come across as a complete moron ,as I suspect many of you view me, hey ho, do you think I give a     !!

Call it arrogance if you will but I'm convinced that blogging has given me some influence in the way things are perceived or indeed outcomes.

Blogs have become a very vital alternative to writing to the editor of the local newspapers I for one do not have any interest in sending a letter to the local newspaper to have it edited shortened or selected or not selected.

If there is one initiative locally in blogging that is interesting it's that Kent messenger group for instance who have a blogging section on their website, which I would suspect they maintain editorial control and therefore the ultimate product, I know this sort of thing appeals to the likes of some local Tories who are never more happy than when dreaming of blogging protocols but I prefer the blogging unfettered by editors.

Finally one of my long running themes is the manipulation of media which in Kent often means your local authority spending vast sums on advertising and  public relations or poor reporting as is the case with the BBC who have an  indifference to the local political structures, I hope I don't get side-lined into the dinosaurs and idiots section of Internet but who knows.

Have a happy new year and check out fellow highly inspiring bloggers Michael Child, Simon Moores, blogs come and go, they're not all about boring politics some have more interesting and uplifting items like Don's Promote Thanet. Blogs come an go I wont do this for ever so why not start your own.


  1. I sense you are giving this all a miss now.... and yet I have just restarted after about 3 years serious break from writing. I guess I've missed out somewhat whilst I've done other things.
    If you are stopping, consider it as taking a break to re focus. Who knows, you may return in the future as I have done with a fresh approach.

  2. Happy New Year Tony I just replied to this theme on Simons Blog so I am not repeating that lot again here. I for one enjoy blogging and wish that stuff for my many and varied articles was easier to discover. TDC with its huge budget and KCC with its even larger IT gurus seem to have a unique gift for burying interesting items in the far reaches of beyond where no one can discover them. I am off in search of Scottish aviation fluid mixed with ginger. Happy Blogging 2011. Don

  3. Can I just say "Amen" Tony. The more the merrier. There is no such thing as too many bloggers.

  4. I'm still here, albeit in a far more low key manner. I'm sure my blog will be back in a more permanent fashion within the next few months.

  5. Happy New Year Tony.


    In my experience memes work slowly too. Possibly because of the fact the computer accesses a memory for the user.

    How much have you learnt, that you have then acted upon, through blogging ? (Ruling out the press using bloggers as a stalking horse)

    How much have I learnt, and acted upon, whilst being called a conspiracy theorist and paranoid etc by comments on blogs ?

    My advice is judge by your private emails not by the published comments.

    For example, whilst anons heaped abuse on comments, my emails featured things like attached photos of police participating in the paramilitary training activity I had described on blog.

    And whilst comments featured "is he still on about that range" actually evidence about activity at the range was arriving in my private emails.

    In my case when I had learnt as much as I thought would flow I went over to blogging only on gym training.

    My advice would be if you don't have an interesting email inbox as a result of blogging then give it up.

    ECR was a talented writer and entertaining. But what did he achieve ? That would be FA beyond being a gifted jester.

  6. Is blogging dead?
    Consider Riepl's Law – which says "new, further developed types of media never replace the existing modes of media and their usage patterns. Instead, a convergence takes place in their field, leading to a different way and field of use for these older forms."
    That was written in 1913 by Wolfgang Riepl

  7. Retired, a happy new year to you also but I was interested in your comment about achievement. You have the audacity to query what ECR may have achieved on his blog yet imply that you have somehow done more through your mystic email inbox. What exactly!!?

    How many people have been brought to book arising out of your unproven allegations? How much more attention is giving to your constant stream of letters to police chiefs and politicians? We all know the answer to be a big fat zero yet still you go on.

    Now Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder are maligned as Nazis based, not on fact but, malicious rumour, nothing more.

    Achievement, apart from some warped self satisfaction, is totally lacking but, as Tony as oft suggested to you, why not post your claims, with real evidence, on your own blogspot and see then what following you get. Or would you, as I suspect, prefer to leech off the followings of the likes of ECR and now Tony.

    Frankly, Sir, you are a sad accuser of others without any cause for congratulation yourself.

  8. Tony, here's hoping you find the enthusiasm to carry on for your blog gives much pleasure to a number of followers, both regular and occassional. Let not the conspiracy theorists or anti-Lib/Dem posters deter or depress you for it is to your credit that you wind them up sufficiently for them to respond.

    As to Retired's measure of success being judged by your email inbox, as ever with him, stuff and nonsense. The proof lies in the healthy numbers of comments you attract to most articles you post. Like previously with that of ECR, yours is an entertaining site where views are openly exchanged. Long may you find the energy to continue.

  9. Bluenote, you blog in the style of the long-departed Lord Lucan. A mix of reasoned, though biased (no problem with that), argument, and a rather aloof arrogance and snobbery towards those whom you say are "wound up" and inspired to comment by crumbs of challenge dropped from Mr Flaig's table. Quite Dickensian really.

  10. 7:30AM Interesting comment for I never realised Lord Lucan had a literary style, thinking he was more of an illusionist - now you see him, now you don't and all that.

    As to Dickensian, well what can one say other than I really do not know where you get these fanciful ideas. I post two comments, one condemning the character assassination, without evidence, of a dead man, and the other seeking to encourage Tony to carry on blogging. Where lies the arrogance or snobbery in either?

    More than happy to debate with you, for such is what makes the world go round, but can we please have a bit more substance or explanation to your accusations.

  11. Bluenote, I was referring to a one-time blogger who used the name "Lord Lucan". As for substance and fact, come on, you prefer spin and biased interpretation. It's what you deploy all the time.

  12. Never knew the Lord Lucan blogger so unable to comment. Again you offer nothing by way of debate so I will spin off!

  13. Blogging has changed on the Isle and I've seen many blogs come and go.

    I've been thinking about returning to blogging but I just don't think I could do it any more.

    Thought I'd let you know that the Thanet Blog List is still around so you can always take a peak over there for the latest blog posts in Thanet.