Monday, January 24, 2011

I didn't say that – an apology

Crikey had it not been for an email apology received last Thursday, I would have read through the Gazette on Friday, got to the letters page and thought "Crikey that's similar to wot I wrote" , however alerted by  the missive, "sincere apologies for an error made in today’s Isle of Thanet Gazette (Friday January 21)."    "some kind of mix up"   "compiling our letters page"    "incorrect author’s name was printed."    "correction in next Friday’s paper" I was almost disappointed to realise that my name was not attributed to some letter thanking the local hospital, complaining about dog mess, or claiming to be a researcher making a documentary about middle aged gits who don't spend their lives whingeing on the internet.

Its the first time I've written directly to a newspaper, in this instance, my letter was attributed to Christopher Chambers, who must be a damn sight more miffed than I, although it was not my error you do have my sympathy  in the unlikely event you're a reader Bignews Margate, particularly if you don't share my views.

At the Margate Conversation thingy, Gazette Editor Rebecca Smith, whom I've never met before was kind enough to offer a genuine apology, mental note I must be kind to the Gazette for a least a week.


  1. What's happened to Manning's seafood stall? Will it be back in position after the building work, or is it too common for Turner visitors?

  2. David I would imagine that this is a temporary move, although not an afficionado of seafood this would a big loss to the Margate

  3. I am common as muck David and i like art and Mannings.

  4. Mannings Stall is back, they moved it temporarily to build the sea wall, but it's back now and better then ever :)