Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simon Moores - Thanks I do appreciate the support

Loth as I am to give other bloggers, the oxygen of publicity, all I know is Simon appears upset with my new blog, lord knows why, I quote "I see that Tony Flaig, formerly of 'Big News Margate' now has an exciting new weblog, Outside the Turner Contemporary. Nothing I'm sure to do with the capture of passing trade, with the gallery due to open in three months.

Despite all his achievements, Simon is not even able to get the name of this blog right. My advice to Simon is if you wish to play with the big boys, grow up and not that its any business of yours Moores but  if I wish to comment on things other than the squalid world of local politics I will.

I can't imagine the day ever coming when I feel it necessary to get the permission of any councillor not just Moores but of any party, jack of all trades, political opportunist, hypocrite etc

Still Moores has as I understand been in favour of censoring what can and cannot be said by councillors in the past with blogging protocols (it could only happen in Thanet).

What others say

I am still laughing at the little spat between Tony Flaig and the "Doctor" over on Thanet Life. For the "Doctor" to accuse anyone else - as he does Tony - of being full of self-importance is one of the most hysterical bits of parody I have seen in years. The "Doctor" should go on the comedy stage. Something else he could add to his list of professed achievements.
Tue Jan 25, 09:41:00 AM

What rubbish the flying Doctor spouts as usual. Maybe sometimes Tony you have blinkers on but not "as usual".
I think he owes you an apology for his glib statement. He should understand that you often speak for the majority of Thanet's residents whereas he only speaks for a few.
Sun Jan 23, 10:08:00 AM

Once again the Doctor's comments start by insulting Tony. Tony you must be doing a good job if he has to resort to this.
Mon Jan 24, 03:56:00 PM

The "Doctor" - Moores that is - customarily insults everyone apart from the toadies who continue to visit his site and say warm things about his views and opinions, or his much trumpeted personal achievements - of which there are, he says, many.


  1. My apologies Tony.. using the definite article in a sentence is somewhat of a habit of mine; i.e. "The Turner Contemporary" but you should find the link works and no, I'm not upset, it was simply a quizzical observation of fact, a new weblog just in time for the opening and the publicity that will go with it, which I'm sure isn't lost on any other readers.

    As for the selective comments shown in your entry; they are all from the same bloke or 'Troll' ; that we all recognise as that same spite-filled refugee from every other Thanet blog that has ceased to exist.

  2. Your comments referring to my new best friends are frankly outrageous. Unforgivable

  3. Tony, a little surprised that someone of your perception cannot recognise 'the troll' when it suits you for you have on previous occassions.

    As a neutral observer who enjoys, but does not own, a blog and its comments, you and DrM are probably the two most active, and enjoyable, Thanet bloggers and it would be good to see you treating each other with a bit more respect.
    You both have your place and from time to time make valuable contributions to the local debate.

    Perhaps you should both try to be less sensitive for, if you invite comment, you must expect some to be opposing your stance.

  4. As for technical tips Simon on the use of English why do you think that public school boy leaders like Cameron Blair and the like, employ oiks to communicate.

    If readers want correct English they can always read a newspaper.

  5. Tony has every right to exploit the opening of the gallery along side every other Margate resident and business. I thought that that was the idea, that economic recovery starts here with local input. I cant see that knocking the new blog benifits the town in any way. It is possible and probable that at times Tony will critise the gallery but that is his right and it may make those running the gallery think twice.

    Margate can at last thank KCC, the Arts Council and SEEDA for this chance and hope that KCC will continue to pick up the considerable running costs.

  6. 9 16 using your argument I perceive you to be a troll and expect you to consider yourself bannished from the kingdom of bignews Margate until the end of time.

  7. I wonder if Simon will fall in the same way as certain Sky presenters seem to be falling over the sexist assumption that his "troll" is male?

    Methinks the boy scout - as you have aptly dubbed him, Tony - realises that cultivating a bit of inter-blog hostility is the best way of driving up his rather sad, flagging visitor and commentator numbers. No-one else bothers about it, but the boy scout does.

    And apologies, I should say boy scout, Councillor, trained first-aider (or paramedic?), ex Royal Marine (later clarified as Royal Marine Reservist), PhD (Pacific North Western University (as was)) and the list goes on...

  8. I am sorry "Doctor" Moores, but the posts quoted by Tony are not all from the same person. I hate to undermine your customarily waspish allegations with fact, but there you are.

    And quite how commenting on your rude, offensive and sarcastic references to others and your arrogant "tour de main" can be classed as spiteful I do not know.

    But some things, and people, never change.

  9. Better tell all the Royal Marine reservists fighting in afghanistan they aren't real soldiers then 10.39

  10. There is absolutely no suggestion of that in my post, Anon 01.23. You are creating mischief where none exists. But there are clearly a number of differences between a full-time serviceperson and a reservist; the point is simply that.

  11. Same training same standards excerpt one serves his country full time and the other as a volunteer when his country needs him

    both deserve equal respect not sarcyremarks just because you don't like Moores

  12. 10:39 My father and uncle were both reservists and finished up fighting in a six year war. As an ex regular I have served alongside many territorials and reservists and can assure you they take the same risks as every one else. I find your comment about being just a marine reservist insulting to many fine men. What were you ever in?

  13. Anons 502 and 749, you are both reading things that are not there and deliberately trying to create controversy. Nothing in my post impunes the honour, professionalism, commitment or integrity of either full time service personnel or reservists. Both do a fine job. The difference comes in the fact that for one it is a full-time, paid career; for the other it is not.

    You will be aware that competitive banter from the former to the latter is nowhere stronger than in the armed forces themselves.

    My point related and relates solely to a now historic exchange between bloggers on another blog which corrected an impression gained that references to service time referred to reserve time rather than full-time. Nothing more or less.

    But then you know that anyway.

    And for the record - not that it is any way relevant - I spent some years in the Royal Naval Reserve.

  14. So what else did he do you don't like 8:21 other than being a clever bastard pilot Royal Marine reservist and a Tory?

    Nuff said I think!

  15. Anon 10.03, you miss the point entirely, but then a) you know that and b) it hardly matters in the great scheme of things.