Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thought for day - Should I wear sunglasses?

I suppose not every one in Thanet has the opportunity to wonder at the artificial lightshow provided by Thanet Earth, however the thought occurred this morning as I drove out of town near Acol, given the amount of light leaking from the greenhouses and projected onto the clouds, should we be concerned.

Obviously any amateur astronomer might be miffed by increased artificial light in the night sky, however I'm thinking, that if UV lighting is used by growers, whether this has any implications that have hitherto not been considered.

Still at least three other commuters escaping Thanet around 5 this morning are probably asking themselves why did that idiot, pull over on the Acol to Brooksend highway (less than a minute). Sorry!


  1. Great picture. I'm rather impressed by Thanet Earth. It is a bit of a landmark and is somewhat innovative in that excess energy is pumped back to the national grid.
    The picture has an ethereal quality to it.

  2. We like reading your blog Tony. However, if you changed the tatty font to a more standard one readers will start reading your blog again! With all due respect that font looks nasty!

  3. Lights at night are said to confuse the birds, but I reckon we should be more concerned by the artificial cloud cover that is being illuminated by the lights in the photo.

  4. Blewnote, as the real Bluenote, let me say that I had never previously considered a group of sodium spotlights as an aid to seduction until I read your comment. Does it work like it used to as an interrogation technique?

  5. I have to agree the font is not very nice as petty as that sounds it's not intentional. It's just not a nice font.

    In terms of lights at night, I am not sure if this falls into the topic you are discussing but when I walk around the streets at night I can hardly see a thing when there is only a few lights. I wear glasses and I am not sure if this is to do with it but the lights kind of blind me, I see a big line of the light ray coming from the light and it forces me to only be able to see a tiny distance in front of me which is a pain in the ass. If I am on a busy road were it is well lit it's not the same but on those quieter roads I find it a struggle to see properly.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Should I be worried?