Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas is over and summers way off

Depressing I know for some of us but perhaps there are a few highlights between now and next summer, in Margate, we have in April the opening of Turner Contemporary Gallery, not necessarily every ones' cup of tea, but if the experts are to be believed the opening will prompt a new golden age of prosperity in Margate or maybe prove a bit of a disappointment.

So something else which might lighten the mood or if not compliment it, takes place is Broadstairs Blues Bash 19th-21st February,  a weekend celebration of the blues which I've been asked to plug please note no inducements or offers of free tickets have been made (more's the pity). The weekend starts with Nine Below Zero and three support acts at the Pavilion Broadstairs.

In addition to Fridays opener another 20 acts will be performing at 10 pubs throughout Broadstairs. For full details of the Festival which is in its third year, please click here

Its good to see events like this which stimulate life in Thanet, and I'm guessing exist because of a genuine enthusiasm of the organisers and not just some manufactured event. Thank you to the organisers and good luck.


  1. Yes, that time between the end of Christmas festivities and arrival of better weather is indeed a dark time, made even worse ny Labour being ahead in the polls.

    Already our good fellow countrymen seem to have forgotten the perilous state of our nation's finances, the uncontrolled immigration policies that have changed the make up of our society for all time, the unnecessary wars and without the proper equipment,
    the signing away of our freedoms to Brussels without the promised referendum not to mention the liar Blair, the brooding dark Brown and Labour MPs now trotting off to the cells at HM Prisons at a fair old lick.

    It is indeed a sad and dark time but, just maybe, a few snowdrops and crocuses will change everything and, who knows, at the present rate of convictions there may be no Labour candidates left outside barred rooms by 2015. We can but dream.

  2. I didn't realise there is a blues festival in February. Might take a look at this. The band I'm in plays a little blues and we are considering focussing on some more blues originals this year.

  3. Honours List: Order of the British Empire,
    Friday, 31 December 2010

    Leyland Bradshaw Ridings. Lead Council Member for Children's Services, Kent County Council. For services to Local Government. (Sandwich, Kent)

    this must be some kind of christmas joke?

    one of a few counties in the country that received the poorest ratings for 'childrren' services, god know how many would have received the same if they had got further than 1 star !!

  4. look what this politician got for telling the truth, who really should have received a medal

    Child Protective Services is Legal Kidnapping in USA -English

    what is any so-called party doing about this secret service ?