Tuesday, January 04, 2011

BBC - Blinkered views on VAT

Is it me or has the BBC lost all sense of balance tonight's (4th Jan)main six o'clock news, seemed to lack the usual background that most stories carry.

The top news story was the increase in VAT to 20%, from the serious tones used to convey the story you might have got the impression that the end of the world was nigh, rather than an adjustment to the tax system, caused by Labours years of squander, of which little explanation was given.

The only plus point on the national news was that the recent BBC journalist's Liberal Democratic bashing, couldn't be bought in to play.

On the local news, VAT and the increase in rail fares were much in evidence with Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker cornered by Polly Evans who despite (in my view) having a rather simpering manner can act tough, and unlike the national news team had no difficulty dragging in a Lid Dem policy and that slanted question your manifesto says this, so why have you done that?

Of course politicians are too polite, to say to journalists, something along the lines " How flipping stupid are you, nobody won the election, so no party can push every blimin item of their manifesto"

A Journalist mentioning todays partial eclipse looked to have no qualms about treating the viewing public as dribbling idiots, in tonight's South East Today program, if my memory serves me correct, one of their reporters felt it necessary to explain what an eclipse was.

Maybe politicians should start talking to reporters as if they were children because the more I see the less I'm convinced they have a clue.

Finally I just wonder how many share the views that an increase in VAT does not represent the end of the world. And I just wonder whether the effect will be that great on many items since retailers use price points to sell which have little relation to cost, I mean how many telly's will be not be on offer at £199.99, £249.99, £299.99, etc. Its not just journo's who think were all idiots so do shopkeepers.


  1. I agree with you, Tony. The 20% VAT rate is a non-story since we've known it was coming and Labour have no credibility condemning it as they had no answer to the debt problem (which they were complicit in causing) whilst in office. In real terms, we have never had it so good in terms of the cost of, so-called, "big-ticket" items which are as cheap as, maybe cheaper than, chips. Whilst VAT has not increased on food etc. food prices will rise due to the cost of transportation and the obscene fuel costs.

  2. I find it strange that fuel costs are at an all-time high and are getting higher - as ever a mix of Government imposed duty and production/profit hikes - and yet there are no signs of the fuel protests the last Government faced.

    Could it be that the collection of farmers, landowners, industrialists and selected "people in the street" who campaigned before were politically motivated? Could it be that they were taking up the cudgels against a Government not to their taste? If not, where are they (and their blockades) now?

    Perhaps there is an analogy between their politically motivated actions and those of the students opposing tution fee increases? Perhaps the right and left employ the same tactics?

  3. Perhaps, Mr Flaig and Anonymous, part of the issue is that Cameron has changed his story on VAT so dramatically.

    Now he is playing down the increase as you are both seeking to do, and claiming - via Osborne -that it affects the rich more than the poor, and is a progressive tax.

    That's fine - a point of view. But 18 months ago, Cameron said VAT "absolutely" hit the poor hardest, and is a regressive tax.

    Of course politicians, of all Parties, twist and turn and lie. But not always so very damned obviously.

    And Gale calls the Lib Dems "flip-flops".

  4. Its just not the percentage rise at the point of sale that affects the price of goods in the shops, but the effect on all those services that are needed to manufacture the goods and deliver them to the retailers.
    George Osborne says that the increase in revenue will be £13 billions and that money has to come from somewhere. With 2.9 million households in the country thats £522 per household by as you know the average family will be paying nothing like that in direct VAT increases. However they will be contributing to the overall VAT take with increase prices - and that includes VAT exempt food.

    And Tony if you are a VAT registered self employed contractor then you will be charging the company you work for extra VAT to pass on but since you cannot claim for petrol as you work in the same location you will have to take that rise on the chin, unlike all those that can offset the Fuel VAT rise.
    I thought that the cons promised they would smooth out fuel rises.

    I suggest you look at todays Independent and you will see why the media is preoccupied with the Libdems standing.

  5. Fixated nutters who stick by 'their' party regardless, when it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that they are all a bunch of crooks serving their masters, the banks.

    Wake up people, yes even you low-rent creeps that serve the system, believing you are one of the in-crowd.... You AIN'T, unless you are at least a billionaire, forget it!

    If you want to live like the Chinese, ignore the above.

  6. A bit of fact facing might not go amiss.

    1. We are in the mire financially and both savings in costs and increases in income have to be found from somewhere.

    2. We have local elections coming up in May and Labour's campaign, in the absence of any alternative policies or ideas, is to rubbish everything the coalition do. Aided and abetted by their lefty friends at Auntie they have also deliberately targetted the Lib/Dems voters. If an alternative had been found to raising VAT it would still be rubbished. Such is politics.

    I do not find it difficult to accept that the government have to take action over our budget deficit anymore than I do that Labour, in opposition, will criticise whatever action they take. What I do find unacceptable is the continued left wing bias of the BBC, our publicly funded national, and theoretically impartial, broadcaster.

    On the question of fuel hikes, the protest by hauliers and the like was many moons, indeed years, ago. Subsequent, never ending, rises seem to have produced a sort of 'resigned to their fate' acceptance by the great British public, regardless of who is in office.

  7. Anon 9:37 AM - Your comments are all very well but what is your alternative system. You criticise the capatilist system controlled by the bankers yet you offer the Chinese, a communist state, as I way not to live.

    Just what is so wrong with life. Health apart to some extent, we largely we make our own success or failure, particularly in the West, so if you are one of those who hasn't made it, tough, you have only yourself to blame, not the system.

  8. Well, the king of fruit and nut cases, old Anon 9:37, has the audacity to call others of us, fixated nutters. Well we may have only half a brain in your view but it is better than a total gap between the ears!

  9. Bluenote, you were quick to side with and promote the allegation from Mr Flaig that forces of the political left are brigading and conspiring to attack tuition fees and many other policies of the Coalition. You seemed to get quite excited by others' references to one political union leader.

    Your dismissal as distant history of a reasonable point about what was obviously a similar politically motivated action - but among elements of the political right - shows your offerings up for what they are. You are blinded by your self-confessed hatred of the political left, and will set aside logic, historical precedent, and fact to support your unswerving loyalty to the political right.

    I think everyone can see through your approach.

  10. Yes, I am quite sure they can as you keep pointing out to them, 1:35PM, in the same way that we can all see your left wing political bias. As one who never debates, but simply rubbishes, it is a bit hypocritical of you to accuse me of dismissing others arguments.

    As to my hatred of the political left I would say I am more enlightened by it than blinded. The left have over the years f***ed this country and nothing you can say will change that fact.

  11. Then Bluenote, I shall not waste my pinkies' energy.

  12. Bluenote as you so eloquently say

    'The left have over the years f***ed this country and nothing you can say will change that fact.'

    You are right of course, but so are the CON/DEMS, it is all a big Fat CON and illusion to fool the people, but they can only be fooled some of the time and then only for so long.

    Time will tell.

  13. 8:00PM There you go again with the people! Don't you realise that MPs, Councillors, TUC officials, bankers, party activists, Lab/LibDem/Con supporters and voters are all people. Who exactly, apart from you, is left to wake up?

  14. anon 10.31, the crony-capitalist system controlled by the banks is not free market enterprise, it is 'controlled by the banks', as is commie-fascist china, by the same banks

    none of us have it made with this giant bloodsucking leech made up of big government, corporations and mega-banks on our backs, don't kid yourself that you have 'made it'

  15. 12:46PM What a sad bitter and twisted individual you must be if you belief the whole system to be rotten. Can't you grasp the simple reality that any society requires organisation and ultimately leaders will emerge to run that. 'Animal Farm' and all that is unavoidable except, of course, in fairy land where I suspect you dwell.

  16. 11:21 You're personal insults are wearing a bit thin old fruit, how about you lighten up a bit?

    I suffer non of the negative psychological characteristics you seem intent on painting me with. I possess, on the contrary, an extremely gregorious and bonhomous personality... but enough about me.

    I am simply trying to warn my neighbours of the trouble we are in, that they may take measures to protect themselves, and hopefully unite in resisting the evil forces that are encroaching on our freedom to live as we wish. Why on earth do you have a problem with that?

  17. Because it is utter crap, maybe!

  18. It could be argued, Anon 11:48, that you are actually scaremongering and your perpetual warnings of dark and evil forces eroding our freedoms could adversely effect the well being of those of nervous disposition. Imagine a frail, elderly and reclusive lady living alone who should inadvertently log onto to one of your rants. She might never open her door again and it would be your fault.

    You are not warning your neighbours but seeking to scare the sh*t out of them. What kind of bonhomie is that?