Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thought for the day - Big pay offs at Thanet Council?

It appears that payoffs for casualties of the cuts, certainly for the higher echelons of officers at Thanet council, will be generous, how do I come to that conclusion, well if the Thanet Times is to be relied on, reporting that Chief Executive of Thanet council is to leave for an undisclosed sum, could perhaps be decoded as Thanet council has offered an embarrassingly generous pay off, which of coarse will not be available to the lower orders, that is, frontline staff, and the ruling tory group have no wish to look weak and feeble.

Further evidence would be past conversations with councillors, who come up phrases like "we have to pay high salaries" or "they have us by the short and ...." well my advice to Cllr Bob Bayford, leader of the conservative council, is couldn't you try a little harder to hang on to our money.

I wouldn't mind so much, big pay-outs, its just that you know that senior officers, will be given more consideration, than those at the bottom of the food chain.

Still Kent Tory council  led the way making extraordinarily generous  payments to top knobs, with no justification or reason whatsoever, so theirs no reason to think Thanet Conservatives will behave in any way different to their "county" cousins.



  1. If TDC is giving the chief exec a typical payoff, some of which is tax free then they do no need to do so as he will be 60 next year and would have retired anyway. So unless TDC give us the amount it does seem to be outside the remit of the council to get value for money for taxpayers. Not doubt this will be on the conscience of the councillors that will agree this!

  2. what type of 'common purpose' do the county and the boroughs have I wonder ?

    conscience and councillors should not appear in the same sentence with this lot