Monday, January 03, 2011

They don't make them like they used to

It's a cliché, god knows but entertainment seemed thin on the ground this Christmas, I sought comfort in film, rather than confront the cold hearted misery of our TV soap opera's, few harsher this year, than Corrie in which a baby is discarded and dumped with a reluctant father and worse East Enders (but then it always is) who ruthlessly and without heart, allow one baby to die and another stolen, all in the name of ratings.

Avoid these I did by falling asleep or watching some classics of film, and insisting on Mrs Me Skyplusing the soaps for later (to be viewed by consenting adults only).

So what did I watch instead, first off Stallone  in "Rocky" not a film in my top 20 fav's but what hell, it cost me a couple of quid, and I hadn't seen it in twenty years great story, "Seven year itch" brilliant comedy Marilyn Monroe and last night "Brief Encounter" Cecilia Johnson and Trevor Howard have an affair, they regret but in a frightfully restrained sort of way, only possible in the cinema of the 1940's, Classic.

I was going to mention one dreadful film which I suspect many have endured this Christmas "Inception" staring Leonardo DiCaprio some will have received it as a gift, others like me paid good hard earned dosh, within a minute or so I realised the plot would prove incomprehensible garbage to me but since this cost £13, I persisted, resisting Mrs Me's requests for clarification for two long hours.

The reason I mention Inception was the brief appearance of actor Peter Postlethwaite whose presence made me think it might be worth the effort, it wasn't and even sadder is the news of Postlethwaite's death. I'm no expert but I'd say he was one of the finest actors of his time, and shall always enjoy his marvellous performance in Brassed Off, particularly the speech toward the end in which he articulates the emotions of ordinary people in a summary of Thatcher's government.


  1. I did indeed receive "Inception" as a gift for Christmas from my Daughter. I agree that it was hard work, but I still enjoyed it. I sensed it had a message of sorts.
    I posted the same Pete P video on my blog today. The bit from Brassed Off.

  2. That's where I got the inspiration!

    I had thought I nicked from twitter anyway cheers marty

  3. I'm still trying to get my mind around 'Inception' having seen it once on an aircraft in small screen and the second time on my daughter's hi-definition TV.

    It's better judged a second time around I think and apart from showing CGI off to its best with an edgy Hans Zimmer soundtrack it's a clever sci-fi plot which demands some concentration on the part of the viewer. 'The willing suspension of disbelief'!

  4. All too heavy going for me trying to work out elusive plots. Rather look at MM's thighs!

  5. Saw 'Brassed Off' at the little cinema in Sandwich where the speech at the Albert Hall was greeted with a round of applause from the cinema audience. Not something I've experienced often at the flicks.

  6. For a moment, I thought you had written "DrM's thighs", Bluenote.

  7. Sad to hear about Pete Postlethwait, my favourite roles were definitely in 'Brassed Off' and who can forget his portrayal of Sgt Obadiah Hakeswill in the 'Sharpe' series.

  8. Scary thought, 1:46PM, so you better get yourself off to Specsavers!