Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fire at council offices– its a worry

I see Thanet council website mentions a fire incident which occurred yesterday, it makes me think and frankly worry about safety of the public.

In September I wrote to Mr Samuel the Chief Exec of the council to point out that doors to the council offices were locked and unattended when the public were attending meetings.

At the time the chief exec replied including this assurance " I'd like to assure those people who were not able to access the building initially, and indeed the wider public, that the security procedure has been reviewed as a matter of urgency to ensure that this situation does not happen again."

It did happen again, did I write to the chief exec, no what would have been the flippin point? Simon Moore's commented at the time "Tony, the Chief Exec apologised to council over the doors fiasco and will address the matter in the morning."

Whether he did or not, I'm not going to take the chance, why take the risk? No public statement was made as to why having been alerted to a safety issue, the council failed ensure public safety!

It's maybe an issue Kent Fire Brigade ought investigate.


  1. Very flimsy argument there, Tone. Talk about clutching at straws.

  2. Has JG taken over the Council offices now then, or just the Council Members?

  3. Anon 12:26 naughty but nice, well it sort of made me smile.

  4. I can remember when members of the National Front threw a smoke canister into a committee meeting. It was smothered and put in a waste paper bin and put on a window ledge.

  5. Why does it surprise anyone when this council acts like an idiot !
    They have been happily doing so ever since i can remember, what's needed is a movement of the public to vote ALL of these clowns out of Cecil Sq.

    Only then can someone set about removing the officers of the council, it's these smarmy little oiks that pull all the strings and hide behind the councillors.

  6. Tony, maybe you should write to the next chief exec Sue McGonigal who is to combine the job with her existing one of finance director. Maybe somebody could tell us how she is going to do this since for the past upteen years it needed two people to do these two jobs and now it only needs one? I bet that a bit fat pay off and payment into a pension pot is on the cards for cash strapped TDC.

  7. 10 10 I was just putting out a safety warning, 6 17 what a suggestion Im sure our top bods are selfless servants of the public

  8. oh thats good, so a chief exec who indicated about 18 months ago he was going to take early retirement after suffering prostrate cancer ( which was successfully treated) now gets made redundant. glad to see the elected members are looking after the public purse.