Thursday, January 06, 2011

Kent Tory Leader reassures public on money worries- Its just a technicality?

Kent council may have lost £50 million in Iceland, we may be in the midst of a big recession, massive public spending cuts, Kents finance boss may be on "gardening leave "the reasons we are not told but fear not, money it would seem is just a technicality!

News that the government will not be giving £38 million to Kent county council, to build a massive lorry park in the middle of the countryside, has been greeted it seems as just a trifling matter, conservative leader Paul Carter talking on BBC this morning said "this is a small technical issue"*

Thank god we can all sleep easy knowing that Paul Carter's in charge.

It's interesting that the BBC Kent are not using that* quote, still bureaucrats' and state funded organisations need to stick together.


  1. Ive heard that an out going right wing councillor in a village is so angry that a gay candidate has been selected to suceed him, he has said that he might stand against his own party, as an independent candidate unless they find a straight candidate. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

  2. At least Paul Carter has today admitted that in the past KCC has wasted money. He did not say this in so many words but the fact that KCC can announce a budget with savings of £98 millions made up of:

    •Make efficiency savings of £38million from having fewer staff and improving our procurement
    •Make policy changes in order to save £36 million
    •Use one-off funds including reserves of £15million
    •Increase income by £6million

    So if KCC can do this now why didn't this happen under the highly paid last regime of Gilroy and co?

    And all this with the £50 millions loss and still vast reserves approaching £100 millions.
    Yes they re changing their investment policy -I wonder why?

    The fact that this can be achieved with the head of finance of leave makes you wonder what could have been achieve if she was put on leave 5 years ago.

    But at least KCC can find £5 millions to improved rented accomodation in Margate. Those in Ramsgate might ask what about them?

  3. But surely if the BBC is biased towards the political left, as you and Bluenote persist in alleging, they would not be colluding with Carter. Perhaps this undermines your argument about "the Beeb".

    And would Carter be so relaxed about the funding refusal if the decision had been made by the previous Labour Government? Of course not, he would be mouthing off all over the place. Political allegiance guides these people, not the interests of the public they serve.

  4. 1 40 Seems at regional level, BBC Kent have a cosy relationship tory run KCC, for this reason, both are taxpayer funded so share a common bond in as much as, were they commercial organisations staff would have to be more productive and get paid a lot less.

    Also what with KCC spending multi millions on PR and Advertising Kent council must sometimes require the services of professionals to front PR projects

    You frequently hear and see Paul Carter how often does Liberal Trudy Dean asked to give balance to his pronouncements not often as you might expect in a democracy.

  5. Perhaps the problem that you perceive, then, is not a cosy relationship between the BBC and the political left, but a cosy relationship with, and bias towards, whoever happens to be in power - whether at national, county or district keel.

  6. Anon 02:29:00
    I had visions of keel hauling Paul Carter and TDC KCC and the Government until you spoiled it and said level KEEL WAS MUCH BETTER

  7. You just keep your fantasies in check, Don!

  8. 1:10PM Even if your statement had any truth in it, what exactly would it prove. That the Tory party is prepared to run a gay candidate, and why not because they already have several such MPs and councillors, but an individual does not approve. So what?

  9. To Bluenote,

    Anonymouse 01:10:00 never said that the homophobic councillor was a Tory - so is there something you know that the rest of us dont?

    And it does matter if the individual councillor does not approve because hate is against party rules. And against the Law.

  10. Bluenote, this was a "story" that started kicking around on other blogs a couple of months back. I would suggest that anyone seeking to push it again now should only do so if they are able and prepared to provide the full substantiated details. Without them, it is just a pointless bit of gossip.

  11. And of course it is "off subject".

  12. sweep it under the carpet?

  13. 4:51PM Agreed. This was kicked to death on Mark Nottingham's blog sometime back with an allegation concerning a gay prospective Conservative council candidate. It was only rumour then and remains unsubstantiated and irrelevant.

    Mark tried to make some political capital out of the story then but don't suppose he is interested now having been deselected himself. Strange world, politics.

  14. Of course the 'common purpose' controlled BBC/KCC will work together no matter what is said.

    The solution is to remove them all from office and insist on transparent accountable services from both. Of course if the media/ LA claim to work in the 'public's best interest'then why not prove it, or would it simply expose too many coverups that would ensure their removal ?

  15. 7:44 What is this 'common purpose' you keep referring to? For the benefit of us less well informed, explain please.


    'Common Purpose' is very well known to Mr Carter & co

    KCC has spent well over £100,000 of tax payers money on it, the question is why?