Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blogging Blight and Ramsgate’s King of Sleaze

The last couple of weeks have for me been blighted by deceptive and defamatory comments made on the Eastcliff Richard blog site.

All I’m asking is that the author remove untrue statements, and also remove Bignews Margate as a link.

Its simple I can live with juvenile comments about being fat or even a nutter etc but referring to private conversations, compounding it with lies is more than I wish to be associated with.

Just why ECR’s author has descended to some dark place who knows, perhaps like the majority of Thanet people my support for Manston has once again proved to much for the King of Sleaze, maybe the thought that anyone with a basic education, manual job might be taken seriously is too much for the author to accept with a more traditional “middle class” education. 

I’ve only ever written this for my own enjoyment, if you don’t like you can move on, or express yourself, but please no porkies not even from the King of Sleaze.


  1. I, as I am sure do many others, just wish you two would just get over it, get over yourselves, and shut up with the playground "please Miss it was him" blogging. There are so very many more things happening in Thanet worthy of your attention.

  2. Now Tony must know how the victims of the lies that Cllr Mark Nottingham tells must feel!

  3. As an anonymous blogger I like telling victims of lies to get over themselves, in the safe Knowlege that I am anonymous and have no reputation to be concerned about!

    As for Mark Nottingham I enjoy his snide remarks, anyway the truth is boring!

  4. I'm frankly sick of having my reputation impugned, by ECR hiding behind anonymity.

    ECR knows that I have given him my word, yet keeps up the insinuations all the bluster in the world doesn't cover up his low standards.

    I'm bored as much as anyone by this

  5. Tony get back to your real blogging! Did you spot the Audit Commisions report on KCC's commercial activitites and the ""report in KM by Martin Jackson (Kent TV Board member and Media person) that Kent TV need reform.

    KM -

    'Mr Jackson adds: “Despite attracting a substantial audience, now climbing towards an impressive two million, Kent TV has not fulfilled its early promise.”'

  6. Tony, you are the only one now carrying on this dispute and you are making yourself look rather foolish. Move on.

  7. Foolish I might be, I'll worry when I start telling porkies.

    I'm proud to be foolish, and if I've lost a few readers so what.

    As I believe ECR keeps reminding me I'm just some inferior oaf who should accept his abuse.

  8. You are inferior to no-one, Tony - we are all equal - and you are not a fool. But this constant breast-beating is becoming pointless. And the agressive tone that you are deploying all too freely is doing you no favours. And either "out" ECR or stop dangling the your not doing so as an example of your "good behaviour".

  9. But ECR did remove the offending comment from his blog Tony

  10. But Tony - now you know how it feels. You pump out a constant stream of self serving bollocks under the pretext of being an 'honest bloke' but actually you get it wrong all the time, never having the good grace to cough to it when you are caught. And worse is that you allow your blog to become the tool of failed politicians to pursue their nasty little vendettas.
    Everything is fine and dandy when you are the one being vile to everyone but the moment it happens to you, you squeal like a stuck pig. Boo hoo.

  11. Has anyone else noticed that ECR is no longer accepting anonymous comments? I thought he welcomed them.