Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not a lot to report on as Mr Puss is rushed into Vet Hospital

Just a quick bit of self indulgence, I’ve had a busy week, not looked at any blogs either.

Mr Puss the Flaig families very own “Fat Cat” was rushed to hospital amid fears that he could be on the way out, fortunately it appears the lump on his rear quarters was the result of a bite and the resulting infection is responding well to treatment.

Therefore the family discussion on assisted suicide proved unnecessary if not revealing on the morality front, I just hope Mr Puss was not earholeing at the time, he has a tendency to remember these things.

If I can be bothered I’ll post on the Dane Valley by-election issue, so far I can report that the ground swell of support for me standing as an independent candidate has yet to occur.

Also I have what I believe is a rather patronising email from some BBC bigwig which I will if I get time mention in detail.

That’s it for now I have the day off and better things to do.


  1. Get well soon Mr Puss!

    - TB

  2. I'm glad Mr Puss will continue to be a blog feature.

    Also I'd vote for you should you stand. I'd love to see the look on a few faces if you were announced the winner!

  3. go on Stand Tony, ECR could be your running mate.... hmmm on second thoughts! ohhh well glad Mr Puss is on the mend and remember he can read your mind so whatever was said he already knows and is at this moment planning revenge.