Tuesday, September 15, 2009

unfinished media business

Firstly despite requesting figures from KCC’s Finance supremo Lynda Mcmullen, after a month KCC are finding it a tad difficult to justify their claims to be saving gazzilions by pouring large sums of money in to the Kent TV project.Mr Gilroy

Peter Gilroy KCC Chief Exec made this polite and non-partisan comment in an email to me some time ago "Whilst you may not support Kent TV, it is contributing to savings on publications of £1 million in the current year..."

All I’m asking is that KCC, actually prove how they arrive at what I find to be highly questionable figures, since as far as I can know Kent TV, has probably not had much more than a million unique visits. Still miracles do happen so next time you click on Kent TV presumably you’ll be saving me and the other Kent Taxpayer around a quid. Hooray ! quite how this miracle occurs will remain a mystery until 4 star KCC reply to my freedom of Information requests.john Mghie

Still maybe John McGhie (Kent TV Editor), will be able to pipe up with some viewing figures.whatsonbbckent nowt really

Secondly that other Taxpayer funded broadcaster, the BBC, has yet to respond to my long winded, boring commentary, on how, the BBC’s regional output Radio Kent and their South East News was complete pants, in the main, they’re quite happy to waste hours of broadcast time on performing animals but reporting on social and political issues is a tad difficult, particularly on the evening news when they’ve generally got a performing meerkat or colourful peacock lined up and ready to go on an outside broadcast.David Holdsworth

Still in the hope that David Holdsworth, Controller, English Regions gives a toss cares I have, this day, sent him a reminder of my earlier email, whether he comments or not, I cannot understand how BBC Radio Kent can justify a licences fee when it doesn’t report or reflect on local issues.

Should a response be forthcoming from either of these media related issues I shall report back to you.

PS of course the progress KCC or even KCC Kent TV are issues you might expect to be covered by the BBC, clearly they have an obligation to report in an objective way but seem not to upset anyone.

PPS thats all for now, have scheduled an editorial meeting with MR PUSS (the Flaig families very own Fat Cat), we're not sure whether to keep a hard nosed approach to local issues or soften the style with more cuddly animals and such like, to encourage taxpayer funded journalists @ the BBC to take an interest in local issues.


  1. Tony you may have missed Kent TV Board in the news in the last 10 days. Media expert and Kent TV board member Martin Jackson was not very complimentary about Kent TV and said that the board was powerless and pointless. He also claimed that Kent TV had broken its promise to use outside commissions for 40 percent of its outputs. The Kent TV editor said that this was just not true. Who cares?.
    The annual £600,000 would better be spent on front line services. Only last week KCC have stopped funding a homeless persons charity (Scrine foundation) that is based in Margate and provided a shelter for 21 homeless in Canterbury. It looks like it will have to close. Now all thoses who voted in Thanet for a tory return at KCC (or just did not vote) can see what kind of council they voted for.

    If you want to read the Kent TV board spat.

    Kent TV Board also lost its Libdem member last week (resigned) having already lost the labour one at the election.