Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labour announce Candidate for Dane Valley

News in from Thanets Labour bunker, according to an email from Local Labour head honcho Cllr Clive Hart after a meeting on Monday evening, Sandra Hart, (Clive Hart’s Mrs) has been selected unanimously to represent Labour in the By-election for Dane Valley.

It will be interesting to see, if its also the case that Cllr Simon Moores wife will be, as rumoured joining the scrap.

Anyhow good luck to any candidate standing with the exception of any BNP candidate, it looks likely that the BNP will be standing.

Local Labour will have a struggle that’s for sure, since their colleagues have at national level done everything they can to destroy their own supporters, it maybe unfair but having heard and read Stephen Ladyman MP over years I cant see why he couldn’t apart from his present job, sign up to the Conservative party.

Any how By-elections offer the chance for a bit of political excitement and in Labours case maybe some face saving as their performance in the ward during the last local elections was abysmal.

Earlier I had a telephone call from one of our local politicians involved in their party's campaign, I briefly thought they had come to their senses and decided Flaigy was there man but no they just wanted some background info.

I’m sure any day now, the people of Dane Valley will be clamouring for me to stand as an independent candidate if so send me an email.


  1. Become a friend of Dane Valley Arms on Facebook Tony.

    And stand for office.

    We wanted to get down for the Cynthia Payne evening there.

    But maybe we can get down to deliver leaflets for you.

    As a track layer would your skills be tranferable to the creation of a model village rail station scale ?

    The pub was built as part of a railway station plan to bring visitors closer to Cliftonville.

    The plan never got beyond the pub and hence its interesting architecture I think.

    Whether young Nicola Hilton is really going to create Dane Valley's rail station (albeit a model) at long last ? But you could stand as Dane Valley's Independent Fat Controller candidate ?

    And I could be one of your even fatter leaflet deliverers.

    Just imagine if Nikki let you run your councillor surgeries at the pub yours would be the most well attended cllr surgery in Thanet ?

  2. sounds to me like a job for the girl or girl then,double expences, same household. Still beats a proper job.

  3. Margate residents lost HeART in Labour during the recent county election. What makes Thanet Labour think that they would have a change of HeART in this election?

  4. "As a local councillor here in Thanet, I fully understand one needs broad-shoulders and I’m quite happy to take criticism where it is deserved. However and most importantly, I am ‘not’ prepared to see my family involved in the abuse or indeed have my personal reputation and integrity compromised and defamed online."

    Simon Moores - Thanet Life - 11 February 2008

    Obviously now happy for wifey to get involved. I wonder why the change of heart.

  5. 6:32 As far as I can tell its just a rumour isn't it.

    Still since Ramsgate's sleaze king has gone "mad dog" and being defamed by him now appears the norm.

    ECR/Lucy Mail are daily descending to ever deeper depths.

    Fake postings seem a speciality of ECR

  6. It is unfortunate that a pro and anti Manston polarization is being treated as the reality.

    The issue of contamination of the aquifer should be of common interest to all. Those pursuant of such concerns, mainly Michael Child, are somehow labelled as anti Manston. Michael like many of us is pro health and a health supporting environment.

  7. 6:32

    That's not the whole story, in that article he is refering to abuse, not with regards to his wife (supposedly) standing for Dane Valley. Which is completely understandable.

    End of the day any Councillor, no matter how in the wrong or right, would like any of their loved ones to be in the firing line of abuse from the local news/people/councillors* just becuase of thier spouse.

    *Delete where appropriate.

  8. The LIBDEMS are selecting a candidate to fight the seat,hope they put up a good fight,we need a change in TDC