Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Explanation

You may have noticed that productivity here on Bignews Margate has been minimal of recent, in the main I really have not had the time although I’ve not been too inclined either, since Ramsgate’s king of the blogs, turned ugly resorting to lies, misrepresentation, and even allowing if not authoring bogus entries to enliven his jaded blog.

Ramsgate’s “millionaire” took exception initially to my support of Manston as the author, decided he would call me two faced, this he enhanced by reporting a private conversation, which although not necessarily harmful seemed to overstep normal convention, particularly since Eastcliff claims to have some journalistic background or aspirations.

Earlier in the year again when ECR took offence to my support for Manston, I got similar treatment, starting with my remarks being censored culminating in an p*ss poor apology which added he some slur about me being interested in what he had been paid by private eye for his report on my row with KCC & Kent TV. The subsequent cheque was aptly disposed of down the toilet, the inspiration for much of ECR’s writing.

I note one of the the blogging king’s great obsessions when abusing Cllr Simon Moores, is reference to Simon being influenced by the Daily Mail, so it seems rather ironic that the ECR author has apparently been brown nosing around the “Gazette” (a rather poor chronicle of local politics) for some time apparently oblivious to the fact itw owned by Northcliffe Media publishers of the Daily Mail.

My relationship with ECR ended when he refused to remove blatantly false comments from his blog, my advice is if you ever get an request to meet don’t bother, its my impression that he’s a back stabbing social climber and not the anti-establishment figure he’d like to think if fact the reverse is true.

Well I feel better for that and if I get time I’ll blog on something less bitchy, finally I understand ECR accused me of threatening him well, its an interesting concept how a request or even repeated requests to remove blatant falsehoods can be threatening to someone even of his limited reasoning.boguscommenton eastcliffsite now

 bogus comment still up on EASTCLIFF’S blog

days after requesting removal

If ECR would remove the lies on his website and link we could just forget about this incident.

The claim that I would “out” him he knows, not to be true as do those who’ve asked me for clues etc. in fact we discussed this subject at length. Maybe he wishes to be revealed, well, I’m not doing it, perhaps the author has delusions of hero worship, a thankful public.

Maybe I’m getting a little obsessive, and its all a little shallow but as this guy takes a rather cowardly stance of hiding behind a keyboard and attacking my reputation what else can I do, move on I suppose.


  1. The comments were removed ages ago get over it you pr*ck

  2. RIGHTEO Ramsgate chum.

    Now remove it and the link.

  3. The guy is a knob Tony move on, I wouldnt give him the drippings of my nose

  4. I had thought this was something you were working between you to liven up the Thanet blog scene.

    I have looked upon ECR (a master of his craft) as an enabler of others (like me) who actually raise issues of public interest.

    His role being akin to a hybrid of town crier (anon) and court jester (anon).

    The real players are on the pitch but the crowd turns up to hear ECR the anonymous voice from the safety of a hidden touchline bunker.

    If you want a crowd (IE the public to actually take interest in issues which affect them and their children ... like a contaminated water supply and a bogus case made to invade Iraq) you have to put up with ECR.

    After all he named me "The Irritating Bloke" and consequently emails to me bearing useful information increased.

    I think Simon Moores should do another charity fund raising exercise this Christmas and I will send a donation again and you and ECR can make up in the season of peace and good will

    He is out of order for suggesting you would reveal his identity when you are bound by your own word not to do so. I don't think ECR understands working class morality.

    He should apologise to you.

  5. we all know that ECR is just a sad person that does not even have the cuts to say who he i,s when he tells lies about known people in Thanet.

  6. Sorry .... Am I right? ....Is this 'bogus' comment you are talking of the wishing of him a happy birthday?

  7. 9 22 why would I wish happy birthdayto someone who's promoting lies

    the sort of query that might be raised by some ramsgate muppet.

    I'm sure most victims wish their attackers well

  8. Do grow up , you are worse than my three year old for sulks and temper tantrums. If something so mild gets your goat os badly , do wonder why you choose to blog

  9. He obviously just has an inferiority complex because he's not from Margate!

  10. 10:45 I dont choose to lie, I don't choose to accept a campaign of vilefication or create elaborate comments appearing to come from someone else.

    And 10:45 your so worried about your own reputation that you don't have the balls to use your own name simple really

    I choose to use my own name and others prefer a more er cowardly sorry discreet approach