Thursday, September 17, 2009

KCC Chief Exec Steps Down (Resigns) How will Paul Carter (Tory Boss) Cope?

I see on Kentonline the news, that Peter Gilroy Kent Councils Chief Executive, is to leave next May, whilst for many this news is frankly of no consequence, including quite a few of Kent’s news organisations most notably the BBC who at the time of writing have yet to report on it (I’ll send their hacks an Email).

Now this is just my opinion and as an outsider it might well be totally off the beam but I get the impression that Peter Gilroy has been much involved in Kent’s controversial services like “Gateway” which places several agencies in one place a good idea when not combined with a public library as is the case here in Margate.

Some other services and intuitives linked with one of the countries top paid civil servants, Healthwatch (telephone advice on health) I prefer my doctor, Kent TV the internet station that has failed to catch on, Kent Film office which recently helped fund a film “The Calling” (70 grand of taxpayer money) with local girl Brenda Blethyn which sadly, does not appear to be coming to your local multiplex, anytime soon.

Obliviously Peter Gilroy has been innovative and brave in driving forward transformations in public services, and seems to have worked very closely with Paul Carter (Tory Leader), and with that in mind I think where is Paul Carter and the Tory group going to come up with fresh ideas, I didn’t see any in their last manifesto.

It’s clear in my mind that Peter Gilroy, is a very media savvy bloke and frankly wasted as a bureaucrat and should consider trying his hand at politics, I faintly regret not taking the invite to meet with him.

Watching some meetings I get the impression that Paul Carter defers quite a bit to the Chief Exec it’ll be interesting to see how his replacement performs and also if he has another job lined up. Anyway more on this subject later.

Update apparently according to J (bbc) this news has been imparted by the Radio Kent I must have been brushing my teeth


  1. "whilst for many this news is frankly of no consequence" Yep you got that bit right BBC still getting to you Tony? maybe they should use Kent TV a bit more for their info then we would have something to moan about .......... Have you and ECR kissed and made up yet if you are off today popp down and take him out for a liquid lunch

  2. Don

    Maybe AC (anonymous Clown) ECR and his sidekick DC (Degenerate Chum) Lucy Mail should spend a little longer on the wrong end of the disdain stick ?

    Psychologists term persons of their ilk "Co-dependents".

    In their case they defibe themselves by who they can ridicule (or hate even) rather than actually stand for anything or honourably fight a cause.

    How contemptible it really is to skulk in anonymity yet pour scorn on the appearance or disabilities of others.

  3. I have attempted to Don but really, constant Fat Tony references, smack of the worst kind of bully, removing defamatory statements then refreshing them with new ones, the claim I've dumped dog crap on his carpet or similar, ludicrous as sounds and only a handful of people know his identity and can assess who more credible.

    ECR denies being Lucy Mail or associated but similar styles and times of activity would tend to contradict.

    Anyone who knows me, well, would be aware that I'm not prone to lying or being dishonest.

    I thoroughly agree with your analysis Richard.

  4. Looks more like you and mad (p)Rick are the co-dependents. LOL!

  5. Maybe so anon 5:00 I really should keep to topic